YouTube vs Instagram: Which is Better for Your Brand?

The influencer industry is great on YouTube and Instagram, especially the videos. They are quickly consumed by the viewers and the stories on Instagram in association with live videos are great food for free Instagram followers lacking time to watch lengthy videos.

The YouTube viewers have crossed $1.5 billion and Instagram is also enjoying a good number to around 800 million users monthly. It is expected to cross the numbers by 2021 that choosing a platform YouTube Vs Instagram is not an easy decision.

In order to create a successful brand and following on YouTube and Instagram, you need to be creating original content and knowing who your audience is. On YouTube, it’s all about getting more subscribers, while Instagram is all about likes and shares.

Here are a few parameters:

Firstly: How to choose for your campaign the right platform YouTube vs Instagram

Choosing the platform means you must consider the Rs such as:

  • Resonance- The engagement that you can generate from relevant audience adding value to your brand.
  • Relevance- Maintaining the relevance to target customers.
  • Reach- Using the content, the people you can reach.

YouTube is the second most visited webpage and the videos are stunning resources for people interested in fitness, beauty, travel, food, and whatnot.  Video marketing accounts for internet traffic and is evergreen as there is high-quality content that is search-friendly.

Instagram is equally a beneficial platform for most brands. It gains customers and leads when there is relevant content. It should be supported with visually attractive pictures to boost engagement and followers.

YouTube Vs Instagram Key Statistics


  • YouTube subscribers 7/10 relate to their favorites better. More than 40% of millennials have belief in their YouTuber and feel comfortable in understanding them better.
  • The YouTube videos are created by top stars and it viewed 3 x, commented more by 12x, and the actions are as many as 2x than celebrities’ videos.


  • Instagram has the most followed influences and sponsored posts.  Many millions make money and have a great command per post.
  • Digital savvy women also use Instagram to stay engaged and go through the contents, without fail.

Today YouTube and Instagram are the best platforms for marketing in comparison to Twitter and Facebook. The content is effective and engaging. Leverage YouTube and Instagram with these hints:


The most important metric is the engagement rate. This relates to the number of followers engaging and is effective. With a better engagement rate, it works great. 

Aesthetic Sense

As YouTube and Instagram, both are visual platforms, the content should be catchy so that your campaign is successful. Look for influencers creating appealing content that is aesthetic and attractive. Go through the videos of YouTube and Instagram feeds so that you evaluate the content quality.

The Niche

The niches align in association with your brand. A perfect example of this can be seen at, where they are creating original video content for their students that would like to learn more about print on demand businesses and how to get started. Considering collaborating with the right niche gives you more exposure. If it is about health, getting gym experts, food nutritionists talking over and giving tips, works and is effective to have a blogger.


Ensure that authenticity is maintained, whether it is YouTube or Instagram. There is no need to have photoshopped contents or overly edited content to repel audiences. Ensure essential editing and above all confirm the content is genuine so that it engages your audiences, to be effective. Just take a look at any of the top brands in the world today and then look at their backstory to see the time and struggle it took to get authenticity in place for their brands.


There is a need for genuine content, but the repetition of contents does not interest your readers. Engaging audiences is possible only when the content can engage followers in a unique style. Presenting humor is a way of retaining and engaging audiences to become flowers.

YouTube gains popularity with its videos that are authentic, fun-filled, and it is relatable easily. This ensures gaining more followers.


Regularly posting content helps increase engagement and growing followers.  It is a good practice to post on Instagram daily. Posting on YouTube once a week ensures it is engaging its audiences. It is best to make a note with people you wish to work with and with the posting frequency.

High Quality

There is a need to maintain high-quality videos as watching an unstable or disturbing video or audio is not appreciated. Inadequate lighting does not bring good photos. At the same time, low-quality images are not liked by anyone. Thus, ensure high-quality video and images. There is no need to have professional videographers or photographers hired. They must be able to produce content appealing to audiences.

YouTube vs Instagram Which to Choose?

YouTube Pros

  • Good for promoting sales with reviews in association with the video description.
  • Audiences can be effectively engaged and measuring the result is easy
  • Great medium for entertainment, fashion, beauty, gaming, and for all brands
  • Long-life span for videos that reaping benefits is possible after the campaign.

Instagram Pros

  • Content creating is less expensive than the videos of YouTube and the videos have a smaller lifespan.
  • Ideal to get more visibility and branding that is useful for relevant audiences.
  • A wonderful choice for brands such as travel, beauty, fitness, food, and fashion.
  • The images may be reused after the campaign.

Having a cross-platform strategy may be helpful as YouTube and Instagram are amazing options. These platforms help to achieve goals and engage consumers. 

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