5 Reasons Why Work Safety is Important

Tumbling down the stairs at home isn’t the only safety concern you need to worry about. Workplace safety is just as vital.

Work injuries spiral into a myriad of issues. Work piles up, you’re out of the loop, and you run the risk of returning to work without a full recovery.

Depending on your work classification, you may not even be compensated for job injuries. Freelancers, for example, work for themselves and may have to sacrifice weeks of pay to recover. That’s why injury prevention is essential.

Here are five more reasons why workplace safety is important, and tips you can try to prevent injuries on the job.

1. Improved Productivity

You understand how hard it is to concentrate when you’re in pain. How can you do your best work if you’re focused on a throbbing foot injury or chronic back pain? The more work injuries you have on the job, the more productivity will fall.

Improve productivity by prioritizing safety. Install highly-visible safety protocol signs at work. Conduct safety meetings, so employees are on the same page.

2. Stronger Immune System

Work injuries don’t just impact your work performance. Frequent workplace injuries weaken your immune system. A weaker immune system makes you more vulnerable to colds, pneumonia, and mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression.

Employers should reconsider any policies that force sick employees to clock-in. Illnesses spread quickly throughout workforces. Asking one sick employee to come to work isn’t worth the risk.

3. Safety During Off-Hours Matters

While workplace safety is essential, this article from ASSP brings up an important point about injury prevention during off-hours.

Employees should do what they can to prevent injuries at home. Installing bath mats in the shower and railings on the walls is a good start. Remember to salt the porch to avoid slips and falls during icy winters, too!

Employees should also start the day with a healthy breakfast. Lack of nutrients increases the risk of injury and cognitive problems at work.

4. Lower Employee Turnover

Workplace safety is a health concern and a financial issue. An increase in workplace injuries leads to a rise in employee churn. You want your best employees to stay and contribute for as long as possible.

It costs money to continuously onboard new employees. It also costs money to terminate or lay-off employees. You’ll be surprised by how much money you could save with a simple investment in workplace safety.

More companies are starting to use wellness programs to decrease workplace injuries and employee turnover.

5. Improve Employee Morale

No one likes employee conflicts. Conflicts kill productivity and trigger mental health concerns. These issues impact the immune system, which increases the risk of injuries.

Don’t let low morale bubble over. Address these issues head-on, so employees can perform at their best without worrying about bullying or sabotage.

Discover Why Work Safety Is Important

A workplace injury is more than an injury. It could be the start of a downward spiral. Don’t let your best employees succumb to the pressure of injuries.

Discover why workplace safety is important by implementing ideas to prevent injuries. Check back often for even more strategies for employee and business success.

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