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Welcome to Abrition.com – a website that provides auxiliary contents across various channels that include Tech, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Blogging, Money making, etc. Our materials are specifically dedicated to all the aspirants who wants to obtain something; it can be just information about a gadget, money making tip or a guide for your next online purchase.

Who we are?

At Abrition, we are focused on producing consumption oriented articles about every or anything that matters to a layman. Most of our articles revolve around latest happening in the tech industry, analysis on business & entrepreneurship, reviews of diversified products, how to start a blog, making money, DIY oriented content, social media strategies, lists related to ‘best 5’ and ‘top 10’ stuff, etc.

Why Abrition?

Started as a pure technology blog in 2011, We’ve seen the evolution of smartphones, social media, and the internet altogether. But early in 2014, we realized that the web is already packed with millions of blogs, current affair sites, and resources sites So it might be tough even to stand among them with just ‘tech-oriented articles.’ That’s why we’ve accumulated all our efforts in these years to pursue the theory of “Quality over quantity” So that our viewers can get well-written, deeply analyzed, error free, helpful content on a broad range of topics.

As of now Abrition has over 3,000 articles, and here you can read some of the popular items of site:

Our Motto (All Things That Matter)

We’ve seen so many successful blogs and sites which are specialized in a single or limited range of topics and even today, many content and blog experts thinks that running a blog (which covers a varied range of topics) without adequate resources is equivalent to self-killing. But here at Abrition, we believe that as long as your content has a quality and something to offer then no matter how a wide range of channels you are covering, viewers will come to stay. That’s why we write about every or anything that matters to the audience.

Founder’s Message

avinash saxena - founder of abrition.com

Firstly thanks for visiting us, Back in 2011, I started Abrition from Delhi, India as a hobby to explore more about the on-going development in the technology industry since then I’ve improved a lot as a person, writer, and more importantly as a blogger. Though, Abrition is a multi-author blog but whatever you read on this site, a majority of the contents are written and delivered by me So, technically I am the one who is solely accountable to the viewers of this site. You see, I created this blog back in 2011 when I was just 15 years old with a vision to exploit the learning and earning opportunities on the internet. Having said that, I always took Abrition as a brand and its viewers as the family members. That’s why I often mention myself as ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ in my articles.  And I believe that whatever Abrition has achieved in these years is only because of the accumulated efforts of our contributors, guest authors, and love of our viewers towards our work.

With every passing day, Abrition is improving as an overall content site and as an authoritative member of the site, I am promising to you that we’ll do our level best to serve you the quality content in coming years as well.

Thanks Again!

Avinash Saxena

(Founder & Editor)

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