Why Many Peoples Facebook Marketing Campaign Fails?

The best way to grab the attention of millions with little investment is from social media marketing. And when it comes to social media, Facebook gets first place. In all countries, businesses are using these platforms and witnessing impressive conversion rates. This trend is also set in Thailand and Bangkok. Consequently, many people are looking for the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Bangkok to reach their targets. The Facebook marketing Bangkok agencies will have Facebook ads agency account and assist you from creating ads to increasing the conversions. But still, many people fail to achieve their goals because of the following common mistakes. 

Wrong target

Targeting is a crucial aspect of a Facebook ads campaign. The people who use Facebook are diverse, and hence it is an effective way to reach people. But if you target the wrong audience, you will not get even a single lead. So, identify the right set of people and induce them to purchase your products. 

Narrowing too much

The main reason why you need targeting is out of millions of users, and only some portion of people can become your customers. And reaching a larger audience will cost you more. But if you narrow it down too much, it will not help you. The best approach to reach many people plus saving your budget is excluding those who already liked your page. 

Irrelevant ads

Facebook calculates the score for every ad by taking positive and negative feedback received from the users. This score is called the Relevance Score. The ads getting more likes, comments, and shares get more score, and the ads receive less response receives a low score. Hence create different ads variation and test which one help you get better scores. 

Unclear objectives

another major reason why the Facebook ads campaign fails is due to the unclear goal setting. The Facebook ads can be used to get more likes, increased engagement, increased sales, etc. You must decide what your goal is and act accordingly. 

Too much text

The images are the first thing that attracts your prospective customers. And text should be there to keep CTA in them. However, if you need to create effective ads, there shouldn’t be more text; if you make this mistake, people tend to ignore your entire ad.

Improper A/B tests

The creation of various versions of ads is essential to understand which version does well. Even a small variation in the ad copy can make a lot of differences. Hence the absence of A/B testing or improper way of conducting these tests bound to fail. 

Excessive frequency of ads 

The common notion is that if you make a viewer watch the same ad again and again, it will induce buying. But sometimes it will become a negative point for you. If an ad repeatedly comes in a short time, users may report it as spam. 

The best Facebook Agency in Thailand does not make these common errors, and that’s why they are successful. 

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