Top 7 Spanish Songs Similar To Despacito, You Should Listen

We saw the elegance of Baby in 2010, the versatility of Gangnam style in 2012 and now in 2017, the addictiveness of Despacito took over the milestone of the most viewed song of all time. But the great thing about Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, in spite of recorded in Spanish, is its potency to keep people engaged irrespective of their demographics.

That said, Despacito has opened to door for Spanish language songs and showed the richness of this language. Now that you’ve listened to Despacito, what’s next in your playlist? We guess many of you don’t have any answer to this question.

Don’t worry we won’t let you run out of stock for legendary songs like Despacito.

That’s why Here we’ve come up with top 7 spanish songs similar to Despacito that you should listen to next.

7. Loca-Loca (by Shakira)

Loca is one of the best songs by Colombian singer Shakira. This song was released in September 2010 and still remain one of the most viewed music videos with almost 400 Million views for its Spanish version.

6. Mayores (by Becky G)

Now that the penetration of Spanish songs is growing insanely, you should definitely check out the Mayores, a song by Rebbeca Gomez (aka Becky G), a Mexican-American singer featuring Bad Bunny.

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5. Mi Religion (by Landel Veguilla)

Mi Religion is one of the best songs in this list considering the versatility of the song and its music. You should definitely check out the song once to get the flavor of Landel’s voice.

4. Vente Pa’ Ca (by Ricky Martin)

This one is the legendary piece by Ricky Martin. The Vente Pa’ Ca is a song by Ricky Martin and it features Colombian singer Maluma. The song was released in September 2016 and became one of the biggest Spanish-language hits of 2016. The song video has already been viewed more than 1, 1 billion times on YouTube.

3. Chantaje (by Shakira)

You can’t go wrong with Chantaje, It is by far one of the best works by Shakira. It is a song by Shakira herself and featuring vocals by Colombian singer Maluma. The song was written by Shakira, Maluma, Joel Antonio López Castro, Kevin Mauricio Jiménez Londoño and Bryan Snaider Lezcano Chaverra. It was released in October 2016 and the video has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, making it 26th most viewed YouTube video.

2. Mi Gente (by J Balvin and Willy William)

Mi Gente might be the next big thing in coming months considering its addictive music and lyrics. It is a song by Colombian singer J Balvin and French singer Willy William. It was released on June 30, 2017, and has already received more than 2 Million views on YouTube.

1. Bailando (by Enrique Iglesias)

If you are already a fan of Spanish songs then you must have listened to Bailando by Enrique. But in case, you are new to the whole Spanish song culture then Bailando could be a mouthwatering treat for you. Bailando is a song by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and was released in April 2014. Since its release, the music video has over 2.2 Billion views on YouTube.

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