Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Tech YouTubers

When it comes to technology oriented YouTube channel then we people have a tendency to associate this particular niche most probably with male nerds. But surprisingly that’s not the case anymore as female YouTubers are also doing well in tech niche. And you see, these female tech YouTubers are giving a neck to neck competition to the already established ones as these girls have got the unbeatable combo of beauty alongside hard core techie bug.

Having said that, you guys must have gone through so many web articles with ‘top richest YouTubers’ or ‘top tech YouTubers’ and I know those lists kinda sucks considering same names are repeated, again and again, such as Pewdipe, MKBHD etc.

Don’t worry this time we’ve come up with an unconventional list of top 5 most beautiful female tech YouTubers.

Here are some of a gorgeous tech YouTubers who made boring technology reviews quite glamorous.

5. Tjasa Deu (aka kat4K)

Kat is a Slovenia based tech YouTuber with growing subscriber base of approx 10,000. According to me, she is the next big thing in tech YouTuber industry as her tech videos are quite elegant and must say; she is the most beautiful YouTube influencer and even better than some beauty YouTubers. The great thing about her videos is that; she keeps her inputs regarding the gadget to point and simple.

4. Krystal Key

Krystal Key is the most colorful tech YouTuber out there as her tech videos are simply mouth watering considering videography. She is the true instance of beauty with brains as her YouTuber videos are quite refined and quite engaging.

3. Erica Griffin

Honestly, Erica Griffin is my favorite as she actually knows technology really well. Seattle based YouTuber has a subscriber base of almost 700,000 spot.  Her inputs on tech or gadget reviews are quite informative and would definitely give you a sort of perspective on whether to buy the gadget or not.

2. Sara Dietschy 

Well, Sara is the cutest Youtuber on the YouTube platform and she is enjoying the subscriber base of more than 200,000 subscribers. And the great thing about Sara’s video is that; she knows how to blend the technology with her daily stuff in a perfect manner that eventually eradicates monotonous factor of traditional tech videos.

1. Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine)

Justine Ezarik, an American YouTuber, is a well-known personality and also one of the largest YouTubers with almost 4 Million subscriber base on her channel. On her YouTuber, She publishes videos related to her daily life things combined with technology on a regular interval. Undoubtedly she is the gorgeous YouTuber you can watch out for and in case you don’t know, she has worked on numerous television shows as well and played cameos in films like Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.


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