Why WBJEE is a better option than JEE Main?

What is worth acquiring has never been too easy to get unless we put in a lot of efforts and determination to achieve. Considering JEE Main to be a tough nut to crack, candidates from West Bengal can aim at clearing WBJEE for admission to B. Tech programs in the desired specialization.   

WBJEE is slightly easier than JEE Main as claimed by students who appeared for both JEE Main and WBJEE last year. However, the mathematics section in WBJEE is more difficult than JEE Main.

JEE Main being a national level, is scheduled before all state level exam. Candidates appearing for both get an edge over other candidates in this case. The preparations for both are relatable as the WBJEE Syllabus is similar to JEE Main Syllabus. One gets an idea of the question type from JEE Main question paper which helps them crack WBJEE.

What if you are unable to get a seat in the desired college through JEE Main? Then do not miss out on WBJEE Counselling for seat allocation as there is a seat reservation for all categories (except general) of 10% through JEE Main in WBJEE. You need not be a domicile of West Bengal for allotment process of these seats through WBJEE

Which is easier: WBJEE or JEE Main?

JEE Main being a national level exam is tougher than WBJEE undoubtedly. But it has been analyzed that the mathematics section is tougher in the case of WBJEE. The ratio of the number of applications in JEE Main to the application in WBJEE is 10:1.

The major difference lies in the exam pattern of the exam even if the subjects and topics are similar. Given below is the exam pattern for WBJEE and JEE Main:

  1. The duration of JEE Main is 3 hours wherein each section is allotted 3 hours strategically. However, this is not compulsory. While in WBJEE, Mathematics section is allotted 2 hours and Physics, and Chemistry section together is allotted 2 hours. This makes the complete duration of the exam- 4 hours
  2. In JEE Main, candidates with great conceptual knowledge can attain high rank while WBJEE focuses on descriptive and analytical topics.
  3. JEE Main focused on Class XII topics last year, and most of the questions were tricky while WBJEE focused on Class XII by placing questions with an analytical approach.
  4. There is a variation in the number of questions also. There are 30 questions from each subject in JEE Main. While there are 40 questions in Physics and Chemistry and 75 questions in Mathematics section in WBJEE.
  5. JEE Main is though termed to be a tough nut to crack while WBJEE is not that difficult.
  6. The questions in both the exams are objective type in nature while there are different categories of questions in WBJEE. The marking scheme also varies accordingly
  7. Each question in JEE Main carries one mark while each incorrect answer is penalized by a deduction of the ¼ mark.
  8. In WBJEE, Category I of questions has one correct answer for every question. 1 mark is awarded for each correct answer while ¼ mark is deducted for every incorrect one
  9. Category II will fetch you 2 marks for every correct answer, but you lose a ½ mark for an incorrect answer in this section.
  10. Category III has one or more correct answers. If you choose all the correct options, you get 2 marks while for the incorrect response you do not get any mark.

In category III, if your answer is partially correct then marks awarded will be = 2 x (no. of correct options marked ÷ total no. of correct options).

How to prepare for WBJEE after JEE Main?

Even if you had a bad JEE Main exam, there are better options to achieve your goal of admission to an engineering program in any top engineering college. You can’t drive a car by simply looking out of the rear-view mirror. So, stop regretting your performance in JEE Main and learn from your mistakes.

The basic trick to clear WBJEE with flying colors is to focus on the areas you screwed up during JEE Main. Analyze your weaknesses in the exam and prepare accordingly for WBJEE.

JEE Main focuses on in-depth concepts, so it is important to be accurate during the exam. WBJEE focuses on extracting the analytical skills of the candidate. So, it is important to utilize time given to complete the exam correctly.

Here are few important topics from each subject to aid the preparation of WBJEE:


  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry (2D)
  • Coordinate Geometry (3D)
  • Algebra


  • Physical World, Measurements, Units, and Dimensions
  • Optics II (Wave Optics)
  • Kinematics
  • Laws of Motion
  • Motion of Center of Mass, Connected Systems, and Friction


  • Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic
  • Atomic Structure
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
  • Periodic Table and Chemical Families
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Here are some tips and tricks to crack WBJEE:

  • Managing time is one of the most important factors that would have a bearing on your score. Take as many online mock tests (or in your coaching class) as possible to master the exam time.
  • You must well be aware of the fact that WBJEE has negative marking for wrong answers. So, stay away from guesswork and attempt only those questions where you’re 100% confident, as negative marking can drastically affect your score.
  • Coaching classes have a tried-and-tested formula and focus on regular homework and revision. They also conduct periodic assessment of your progress, encourage peer interaction and help clear your doubts. So, there is no harm in joining coaching classes.

Seat Reservation in WBJEE

JEE Main follows the reservation policy as per the government norms wherein there is reservation of seats for OBC, SC, ST and PWD categories. While if you desire to seek admission through WBJEE, then you are eligible for the seat reservation offered as per the WBJEE board.

  • 10% of the total seats are reserved for the students applying through JEE Main. Such candidates are not a domicile of West Bengal considering that they satisfy the WBJEE Eligibility.
  • Such candidates can apply for seats in Self-Financed Engineering & Technology Colleges of West Bengal.
  • All the minority quota and defence quota candidates of West Bengal can apply for the seat reservation through WBJEE Counselling.
  • If the candidates wish to apply for any self-financed college through WBJEE, then they are eligible for 10% seat reservation.
  • WBJEE Board has also introduced Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme for students belonging to economically weaker sections.

Given below is the seat reservation in for defence quota through WBJEE:

Name of the Colleges Engineering Courses No. of Seats reserved
Jadavpur University As decided by the
University Authority
Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College Mechanical Engineering 1
Information Technology 1
Govt. College of Engg. & Textile Tech, Serampur Information Technology 1
Govt. College of Engg. & Textile Technology, Berhampur Computer Science & Engineering 1
Govt. College of Engg. & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata Information Technology 1
Govt. College of Engg. & Leather Technology, Kolkata Leather Technology 1
Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, Kalyani Electrical Engineering 1
Purulia Govt. Engineering College, Purulia Comp. Sc. & Engineering
Electronics & Communication


Coochbehar Govt. Engg. College  Comp. Sc. & Engineering
Electronics & Communication


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