Things You Will Do If You Were Unfazed Through The Ages

Nowadays we all are busy in doing something or indulge in some profession so that we can earn sufficient wages as per our need in order to survive in this world. But between doing all these things, we can’t able to fulfill  our dreams and aspirations just because of the fact that our life is full of uncertainty and especially we have fluster feeling for our future. These factors won’t allow us to live our dreams because we are always worrying about future prospects but unfortunately majority of the people do not take any appropriate step regarding securing the future.

But do you ever realize what happened if you were unfazed through the ages so then what will be your roadmap to enjoy that feeling of being an unfazed person through the ages. And here you need to understand how to handle that situation in a more productive way because being an online journalist and blogger I used to read as much as article as I can from different niche and topics, Interestingly I have seen various stories of people who became millionaire overnight via lottery system or other contests and became owner of tons of million dollars which is enough money for them to secure their future forever but unfortunately they failed in doing so and in today’s time, they have nothing in their hand.

If I would have got the chance to enjoy my life being an unfazed person through the ages and allowed to fulfill my dreams, aspirations without any constraints so here how I will utilize that opportunity in different way and what are the things that I would do if I were an unfazed one:

  • I will invest in my dream business because doing business is something which not only add values to my life but the economy of my country as well after all my life is already secured, so now the time is to invest the money in a more productive business so that after certain point of time my business could be able to cultivate money in future and also provides employment opportunities to different sections of people.
  • I will make sharp investments in shares, bonds and mutual funds of different companies. May be this line might not be inspirational to your ears but trust me friends, I agreed to you in certain ways but if your life is totally secure so then being a trader is no less than being an extractor of a diamond mine because in stock market, it always asks you to take big risks and most of the times you know if you will take the chance so then you will definitely going to make it but being a financially weak person, situation won’t allow you to take such steps. But here if you’ve got the opportunity so then stock market is really a good option.
  • I will do participate in adventurous activities, now this fact is something really daring because in our daily life we literally forgotten to enjoy the essence of real life because we do not have enough time to do all these stuffs but if I would allow to do, then I will definitely grab that opportunity and will try to do activities such as paragliding because paragliding is my passion and I want to live the feeling of being a paraglider once in my life.
  • I will make investment in luxury goods, I know it sounds little arrogant but that’s the fact and this theory is not only applicable to me but to all because if your life is secured and you are financially strong then you will definitely going to break the path of being an indigence. According to my personal opinion, it is totally okay to buy cars like BMW and having watch collection of Rolex and Tag Heuer. It is always fine to showcase your status to public, after all life doesn’t give you multiple chance so just finish the drink in one sip.
  • I will indulge in philanthropy activities for sure, I am stating these words from the bottom of my heart because it’s always amazing to help others by doing activities like charity, donation and to support good cause. After all the god has given us the resources to helping out those who do not have sufficient resources for survival.

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Editor’s Note: This post is written for the campaign “#BefikarUmarBhar” in association with IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co.Ltd and Indiblogger.

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