FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor Review, Peerless User Experience In Photo Editing

We usually see photographers stick to Photoshop or Illustrator to edit photos, which takes substantial time and efforts. If you are good at those tools, then it’s fine, and you can get payoff eventually with those tools. But what if you don’t have that much experience with them? Or it’s possible that you never had a chance to edit photo with the renowned editing tools. Does it mean that you can’t edit your photos as you wish? Definitely, the answer is NO. Follow us in the tips of FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor, then you will find that without any photo editing experiences, you can still excel at editing images and leveling up a photo.

FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor is an online editing tool across all platform. Thanks to its browser-based support, we are allowed to access to it whenever and wherever we are.

There are many editing software items available, but we strongly recommend you have a try on FotoJet’s Photo Editor online. Reasons are simple: It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s all-inclusive.

It’s Easy:

FotoJet’s online photo editor pops up on the internet for its easiness and free of charge. After clicking the link:, you will be taken to its workplace. You can easily find the access to add text, add effect, insert frames, overlay photos, or create fashion-styled color splash. Almost half of its features are basic free. Unlike most online photo editor with so-called ease of use (usually collecting our info and requires complex registration), FotoJet’s HTML5 photo editor enables you to use all free features and output the image without any registration. Another thing to mention: It gives users two option to load photos to edit, either through your computer or via your Facebook account. Personally, I much favor its supportive feature of adding photos from Facebook, which many online tools care little about. It’s a very practical support, since we youngsters share photos a lot in Facebook and Facebook doesn’t give us much freedom to edit them as we preferred. It fills the void and brings convenience to photo share on Facebook. In addition, it allows users to share output the editing photos directly to social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, building the seamless bridge. If you like, you can still choose to save it as a local picture in JPG or PNG. Choices are versatile.

It’s Fun.

FotoJet’s HTML5 photo editor provides thousands of overlays, frames and photo effects. Most of them are beautiful and it’s delightful to play with these features. I will say it’s fun, since the steps are a few. Simply press whatever you are curious about, or the feature you like to impose. The preview will show immediately, WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get). Creating something amazing itself is a thing that is full of fun!

It’s All-Inclusive.

If you want to add common clipart, click [Clipart]. If you hope to astonishing clipart, go to [Clipart], either find it in the FotoJet’s library or search it from the Internet. You can always find the one that is satisfying. It optimizes photo editing algorithms as well as online processing, which guarantees you that you will have a good user experience in editing any photo. Users are allowed to crop, resize, rotate and color images in FotoJet photo editor. It also offers to sharpen, dehaze, vignette, noise, focus, splash, enhance and filter functions for advanced demands.

Final Words.

FotoJet’s photo editor is a fully customizable, comprehensive photo editing solution for users in all levels. It’s an perfect tool for those who don’t want to install an application while has the need to edit photo in a minute.

Access to FotoJet’s HTML5 Photo Editor:

  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10

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