NEET 2017 Preparation – SWOT Analysis

Every student who is preparing for NEET has access to the same study material and has almost considered the same Concepts. Still, we observe the difference in scores of various individuals taking this examination. It all comes down to your state and presence of mind during the exam. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and using them to your advantage is one of the most important skills you must have. You should undergo a SWOT analysis before heading to the competition.

What does SWOT mean?

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunity

T – Threats

SWOT for NEET Preparation

For the purpose of tackling your exams by using a SWOT analysis, the following information should be known to you. Take up a couple of mock tests before you build this list. You can build your list based on the table that has been given below,

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Build a list of the easiest topics according to you, from which “all” questions can be answered correctly by you. Build a list of topics which you are not confident about and therefore cannot answer “all” questions that come from here. Create a list of topics on which your preparation amount is average and therefore problems can either be tackled or not depending on the question. Build a list of topics which you always somehow do incorrectly. This may also include types of questions that you mess up.
You have to be confident about any question that comes from these topics. Take efforts to make sure that topics from this column do not shift to others. You may have to work and think to an extreme amount to tackle questions from these topics. These topics need extra time and work. These topics can be converted into strengths and eventually all questions from these can be tackled. Take appropriate measures to shift topics and questions from this column to opportunities.


Build a SWOT list for each subject separately which cover different topics for NEET 2017 preparation. This will help you to have an overview of where you stand, and further preparation can be planned based on this analysis.

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