Clever Competitions – 5 Delightful Gift Ideas for Social Media Competitions

Social media has taken off as a strategy to reach new customers and boost a company’s image. However, it can also be a way to reward your loyal followers and keep them interested in what you have to offer. Many businesses are now seeing the value in competitions to bring about a flurry of activity, but what goodies are best to give out? Here are five delightful gift ideas for social media competitions. 

Hampers and Gift Baskets

A basket bulging at the seams with all manner of treats and quality products is something that social media users love. Therefore, gourmet corporate hampers can lure in prospective customers for a closer look. 

By taking a photo of a gift basket and posting it on your social media accounts, you can increase your page followers and reward those who stick by you. The best part is, they are cost-effective to buy, easy (and often free) to deliver, and available with many different product combinations. You may even be able to offer one that aligns with the products and services your company provides. 


If your business is trying to improve its online presence, then vouchers can be an excellent place to begin. Not only are you giving away something for free, but you are encouraging people to shop with you. 

If a winner brings the voucher to your store, they may spend above and beyond the voucher limit. Even better, vouchers are a promotion expense, which means you can write these off on your tax return. 

Product or Service

If you offer quite a desirable product or service in your store, giving one away for free can have some surprising benefits. You do, of course, get to experience increased activity on your social media accounts. However, you are also allowing more people to see what you can do and offer. They might keep this in the back of their mind.

Repeat custom can be a pleasant side effect of a social media competition. For example, if you offered free car detailing, they may be so impressed by the service that they hire you in the future.   


In a recent survey, American workers admitted to leaving around 768 million days of paid leave sitting unused. More than half of the workers surveyed didn’t use all of their paid vacation time. With this in mind, if your business were to offer a weekend away somewhere beautiful in a social media competition, you would be able to make sure at least one family finally took a break. 

What’s more, it’s a unique gift idea for a giveaway that’s bound to bring in a significant number of new followers for your social media platform. 


Does your town or city have something fun or exciting coming up? Or do you have an exciting attraction like a theme park in the local area? Your business can be the talk of the town by offering tickets to one of the hottest events or locations around. If you’re in an area where lockdown measures are in place, just be sure the event you offer tickets to is sticking to the CDC guidelines for social gatherings.  

Having an active social media account is one way to bring in a steady flow of prospective purchasers. Still, if you’re looking for a surge of followers to throw your business into the spotlight, then a social media competition can be the way to go. When something exciting is up for grabs, you’ll notice a flurry of activity on your page that could end up leading to future customers. Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

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