3 Tools Changing the Homebuying Process

Many people who are in the market for a new house are used to the “old” ways of house-hunting: Asking for real estate agent referrals, visiting and touring prospective properties and engaging in other time-consuming tasks that have long been part of the process. Times have changed and today’s homebuyers have a wide variety of technological tools to help them conveniently and efficiently expedite everything from finding agents and identifying potential houses to closing deals.

Here are just a few of the apps that are making it easier to buy a home.


There are numerous tasks related to the transactional part of buying a house. These include making the offer, conducting the purchase, arranging for inspections, and closing the sale. That’s a lot of paperwork and numerous signatures. Many of today’s buyers and sellers are turning to technology to simplify the process.

Nobul is the world’s first and only open digital marketplace where real estate agents compete for active buyers and sellers.  The company gives users the opportunity to evaluate and compare real estate agents based on their fees, services and verified reviews from former clients, while also allowing any agent from any brokerage to compete for a client’s business. Buyers and sellers can instantly view real estate agent proposals that detail how they plan to market a home, the compensation they expect and incentives they may be offering to the customer who chooses to work with them.

3d Vista:

You can’t buy a house sight unseen, right? Actually, yes you can, and many people are using online resources to check out potential properties. Consider the person who has a job transfer to another city that’s perhaps hundreds of miles away.  When you viewed houses online in the past, it was via a series of carefully staged still photos. Today’s three 3D virtual tours take the online touring experience to a new level.

“When you look at a regular image, it’s very different from when you are experiencing something in an immersive media,” says Bill Brown, chief executive officer of Matterport, a Silicon Valley company that produces interior mapping cameras. “You get a physical sense of the place and it creates an emotional feel.” This is accomplished by the use of robust cameras that capture 3D pictures of homes to give homebuyers an immersive walkthrough of the space.

3d Vista is a virtual tour company that offers solutions to clients who are technology savvy, but they also offer customized services to those who aren’t too as familiar with technology or simply don’t have the time to create virtual real estate.

Their virtual tour service includes a personalized app for VR tours that encompasses high quality videography, images with info pop-ups to highlight details from the scene, audio, and hotspots which let you move from one room to another to explore the area.


immoviewer provides real estate professionals a DIY marketing system, which includes 360-degree real estate virtual tours. What makes the app a good choice is that it is easy-to-use, affordable, powerful and puts the real estate agent or broker at a competitive advantage by getting them more potential clients and giving them an incredible home buying and selling experience.

Together, all these tools, as well as a number of others, are not only disrupting the real estate industry as we once knew it, but are also opening the door for other tech tools to enter the marketplace, make the buying and selling process more efficient and effective and, ultimately, create even more convenience and ease for homebuyers.

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