Cheero Power Plus Danboard Version Battery

cheero power plus danboard version battery is one of the finest portable charger available in market right now and it comes in two variant “One is standard version with capacity of 10400 mAH and other is mini version with capacity of 6000 mAh” . Apart from this, If we’re talking about the look and feel of this particular device so it looks so attractive as the outer design of these chargers are inherited from a manga series called Yotsuba.

In addition to this, we have tested this particular gadget for almost one and the half month to see its competence so that we will able to provide clear impression of this gadget to our users.

We had two products (Standard and Mini version of Danboard) in a box from cheero, manufacturer of these portable chargers.

Before posting any verdict, I would like to tell you about some basic specifications and compatibility of these devices as revised by manufacturer.

Compatible with all Major Digital Devices:

cheero’s Power Plus DANBOARD device chargers work with all USB powered digital devices, including the popular iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad Air, 5, 4, 3, 2, Retina Mini 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, 3, Tab 3 and more smartphones and tablets.

Advanced Safety Features:

Both cheero Power Plus DANBOARD versions are designed to prevent overcharging, short circuits and overheating. An automatic shut-down feature activates when device charging is complete.

Verdict On cheero Power Plus 10,400mAh Danboard Version


First we’ll look at big daddy charger and here standard version of danboard has almost every feature and quality which makes this device standalone portable charger.

In our test, this particular variant took almost one hours to charge 55% battery of my android smartphone and it allows me to charge my smartphone for 5 times but only with one device at a time.

But when i have tried to charge two devices at same time then it took longer time than usual to make my single smartphone to have above 55% charge in one hour.

In terms of safety measures, this device is phenomenal so you don’t need to worry about any kind of short circuits etc as this device is purely safe.

But main challenge was faced by us while reviewing this device is to fully re-charge the danboard 10,400 version as it asks for whole day to get it fully charge which is a big issue but it comes as a natural thing to charge a power house of 10,400 mAH battery.

Buy on for $49.99

Verdict On cheero Power Plus 6,000mAh Danboard Version


When it comes to talk about the mini version of Danboard charger so it looks almost similar to standard version except for size but it has almost similar capacity in comparison of standard one but it allows you to charge your smartphone for 2-3 times only but has no guarantee that whether you’ll get your smartphone charged fully for each time or not. But when you’ll try to charge two devices at same then it allows you to charge your device one more time only. But you will able to charge this device in less time in comparison of 10,400 mAh danboard.

Buy on for $39.99


  • Attractive Look
  • Safe to use
  • Necessary Safety measures
  • Ability to charge smartphone in less time


  • Difficult to recharge these chargers fully.
  • May be consume more electricity to charge these chargers

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