Humidity in air could charge your Smartphone’s battery

The issue of energy crisis is being addressed to in each and every way possible and in each and every field feasible. You may have heard Sony to be able to run its walkman with nothing but sugar solution. Now you’ll see how humidity in air could potentially help you to charge your smartphone or any other mobile phone in a cheap and yet environment-friendly manner.

Water droplets jumping from a highly repelling surface can be utilized to produce electricity. This could be used to power electronic devices, according to some MIT scientists. When asked about how such might be possible, they explained water droplets spontaneously jump away from super-hydrophobic surfaces during condensation, they can gain electric charge in the process. Now, the same team has demonstrated that this process can generate small amounts of electricity that might be used to power electronic devices.

If such a technology were to be available now, then that could lead to devices to charge cell phones or other electronics using just the humidity in the air. As a side benefit, the system could also produce clean water. However one shouldn’t get his hopes high right now because such an idea though have been proved, but is still in a developmental stage as in initial testing, the amount of power produced was vanishingly small – just 15 picowatts, or trillionths of a watt, per square centimeter of metal plate. The findings have been already published in the journal Applied Physics Letters by them.

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