AirType: the keyboarding revolution

I like smartphones, I like tablets, but I never liked typing in the touch screen QWERTY keyboard! There was always some word that I’d type wrong and had to retype it again. But looks like better days are about to come for people like me!

The AirType project which is still in its early phases proposes to make a “keyboardless keyboard” accessory that can help you type on any surface, or if required then it’s also possible that you wouldn’t require any surface at all!

You might think it’s a Projection Keyboard but it isn’t. Unlike Projection Keyboard, AirType has no visual component. Instead, the Air Type system uses a pair of cuff-like sensor units that go around your hands and over the knuckles. The units track your finger moments to detect which keys you’re striking, or would strike, on your mobile tablet keyboard — which isn’t there in the first place if you remember.

Photos suggest that the AirType cuffs are designed to be small and mobile, clipping onto your tablet like a pair of friendly barnacles. The accessories would also come with an app that incorporates dynamic text correction and prediction. Typing shall never be this portable and easy once this technology is made common.

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