5 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Page’s Falling Organic Reach

“How do I improve the organic reach of my Facebook page and get more likes?” If you are involved in social media marketing, this question is at the top of your head. With over 2 billion monthly users and more than 180 million businesses using the Facebook app to connect with customers, there is a jaw-dropping competition to get more likes, views, and shares.

At times, you may feel that Facebook organic reach is dead. Unhappy marketers may also say that investing in social media advertising is a silly choice in the first place. Don’t believe the critics, though. Just think about the millions of businesses that claim Facebook is the best place for social media marketing.

While there is no magic bullet to multiply the organic reach and get more likes on Facebook, there are some smart ways to stop it from falling and fix.

Work On Your Content

The simplest rule of digital marketing is to create great content, and the audience will come. It works for PPC ads, websites, as well as social media. Facebook provides users with entertaining content and needs ad revenues to survive. The only trouble is, they don’t create their own content but get it from you.

Thus, when you post interesting, engaging content, Facebook promotes it and displays it on your fans’ news feed. Create evergreen and informative content to get more Facebook page likes.

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Some social media circles encourage brands to post loads of content. Here the logic is, a high volume of posts improves your chances if organic reach as Facebook would choose at least one out of hundreds of your posts. However, there is a different story.

Sometimes, too much content frustrates the users. It will likely result in your most loyal fans unlike your page. Even if you get some organic reach, it isn’t worth it as you would lose your existing fans.

So, opt for high-quality posts over large quantities of posts. It will improve your chances to get more views and buy Facebook likes.

Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Reach

Though Facebook organic reach may be falling, it is still an excellent marketing platform. Don’t treat it like a notice board where you can pin as many ads as you want.

While you can buy Facebook likes and start your marketing journey, you’d be prepared to spend some cash to get more visibility and conversions. The best thing about investing in the Facebook ad is it pays off. It would give promising results, like an increase in Facebook CPC rates.

Whether the users respond by liking your page or clicking through your website, they are engaging with your brand. And, this engagement counts. The organic reach of your content increases and your post stands in a better position to show up on users’ newsfeed.

Add Social Sharing Options On Your Website

Optimize your website for social media. Find out where the social media buttons should go, so they become more noticeable for your visitors. When visitors like something and share it with their social network, your content becomes visible to their friends. It improves your Facebook credibility, inspiring other Facebook users to check it out.

Make sure that the share buttons are prominent and are placed in the high visibility zones. Place the buttons close to the content where they are sure to get noticed. Don’t overload your website with too many buttons, though.

Ask Your Followers To Turn On The Notifications

Asking for likes and shares on Facebook can kick you out of the game or get your blacklisted. However, you can ask your audience to set their newsfeed notifications to gain visibility. Though Facebook permits to ask users to set their notifications, you can only do it of you publish great content regularly.

These are the five tips you can include in your Facebook marketing strategy to boost the organic reach and spread your brand.

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