Interior Design 101: Beautiful Cafe Design for Beginners

Over 20,000 cafe businesses exist in the US.

So, how can you make your business stand out from the rest? You need an amazing cafe design to keep customers coming back!

Read on to learn about great interior design tips that you can use for your cafe.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

A cafe design that takes advantage of natural lighting will not only conserve energy, but it will also look amazing.

If you are going for a comforting vibe, use warm and soft tones. This is especially important for the atmosphere at night to contrast against the darkness.

Reflect Your Brand

As a cafe, you should have a brand of your own to make your shop more memorable. You can base your decor on the brand you are trying to portray.

A brand identity generally includes the identity, concept, personality, and mission of your cafe. The brand should be consistent throughout the area.

Get Interactive

One of the best design tips is to make it interactive. This is beneficial to the look of your cafe and can increase your business overall. When your customers have an interactive area that they can take pictures in, they will post on social media and bring new customers in.

An interactive design theme can include lighting and things that reflect your brand. Attractive and eye-catching materials will create a great customer experience.

Have a Clear Theme

When it comes to design tips for a cafe, having a theme should be on your mind.

The interior design will go much smoother once you choose a design that reflects your brand. Some themes you can consider include:


An industrial theme uses warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces as inspiration.

Some examples of an industrial themed cafe include having exposed architecture, metal accents, block shapes, mechanical components, utilitarian materials, and a specific color palette. An industrial color palette usually uses colors like cream, white, brown, and taupe.


Mid-century design involves a lot of light and unique items. Using this theme is one of the cleanest cafe design tips because it is similar to modernized furniture by using mid-century decor.

Materials like vinyl, plastic, plywood, glass, and plexiglass from Cut My Plastic are often seen in this theme. Tapered legs, geometric shapes, and an interesting color palette are what you should look for. Colors like deep green, smoky grey, mustard yellow, and reddish-orange are the best go-to’s for this theme.


Rustic is possibly one of the most popular interior design tips themes people see. A lot of organic elements are used for a rustic theme. It gives off a comfy vibe within the business.

With a rustic theme, you will need nature elements, different types of wood, wicker items, and chalkboards. Neutral colors fit this theme perfectly.

Cafe Design Tips to Shine!

Your business depends on these cafe design tips to outshine the rest. Use these tips to your advantage to make your brand pop and keep customers coming back!

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