Writing a Winning Hilton Timeshare Cacellation Letter

Have the current critical times forced you to cancel your timeshare? Are you wondering about how you can write that perfect timeshare cancellation letter? No more worries! We are here to guide you in formatting the cancellation letter precisely which will help you to get out of the contract once and for all.

According to LinxLegal, a company that specializes in Hilton timeshare cancellation, “The Vacation Rental income grew 5% in 2019, and that $2.9 billion segments of the industry are growing as people realize that they don’t need to own a timeshare to use them. Instead, they can rent the same exact places in the secondary markets”.

 Some people rush into the timeshare contract only to realize later that they don’t really need to own it. Therefore, drafting a good cancellation letter is a crucial step, because it can either get your request rejected or accepted based on how accurately you have noted the points. So, here is what you need to know and follow in order to create an appealing timeshare cancellation letter.

The Subject Line Should Be To-The-Point

This is one of the most important areas. If your letter has a good and precise subject line, then it may have better chances to be read instantly by the reader, instead of pending it for later. A clear subject line on the envelope can inform the reader where the letter has to be forwarded so that they can get the task done straight away. Hence, your timeshare cancellation process will begin quicker.

Give All the Details

In the cancellation letter, you need to mention all the important details, such as your name, the time when you bought the timeshare, the name of the timeshares written on your contract, and your order number. It is preferable that you either make a separate paragraph for these details or write them in bullet points to make them very clear to the reader. This will give an idea to the reader about who you are and how they should deal with you.

Provide the Reason for Cancellation

Be straightforward while writing this part. Do not play around the words. Clearly mention why you want to cancel your timeshare and how you do not find it useful to your life anymore. It will be better if you include a short paragraph for the reasoning so that it is clear to the company about why they should cancel your timeshare contract.

Make Your Cancellation Letter Sounds Confident

It is never a good idea to use sentences like “Could you please cancel my timeshare contract?” instead, you need to make the rescission letter sound as bold as possible, such as “Please cancel my timeshare contract urgently.” In addition, do not in any way should your letter depict that you are being emotional or begging the company to cancel your contract. However, you do not have to sound like you are insulting the company or the contract. Just be confident and to the point, so that the cancellation process can get done faster.

Tell the Company that you Want a full Refund

In the letter, you must tell the company that they should give you a full refund amount of your timeshare deposit. Let the company know that you are not fully satisfied with the contract and it is not doing you any good, hence you wish to cancel it and receive your money back. If you do not mention the refund part and only write the cancellation letter, they might not give you a refund back. Therefore, it is important to state that along with canceling your timeshare contract, you are also asking for your amount back.

Do Not Use Complex Sentence Structures and Words

Using complex and difficult vocabulary might confuse the reader or make them less interested in the letter which can delay the cancellation process. Thus, you should make use of simple words and sentences that are easy-to-read and understandable for the company. Furthermore, do not uselessly make the letter very long. Keep it brief and to the point, so the company knows exactly why you want to cancel your timeshare.

Do Not Listen to the Company

The timeshare companies have hired trained professionals who will try to talk you into keeping the contract with the help of every convincing argument they can think of. The key is to not get trapped in their nets and stay adamant on your side of the argument for the timely cancellation of your timeshare contract.

Ask for Confirmation

Always ask for a confirmation letter for your timeshare contract being canceled. Otherwise, it may backfire and you would realize in the long run that the contact is still valid and you had no idea about it. Because of the confirmation letter, you will have hard evidence and can use it if you are ever required to. Therefore, until you have not received the confirmation letter, your timeshare contract is still valid.

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