Ready to Reinstate Your License? 5 Steps to Take to Get Driving Again

Is the suspension of your driving license takes too long?

Driving with a suspended license is against the law in the United States. Your car might get towed away, several fees for violations, and worst of them all, imprisonment. Not to mention the demerits points that’ll be on your driving record. 

The driving points system consists of two types: Safe Driver points and Demerits points. You receive a safe point every year if you drive without a single offense.

The latter is the exact opposite and can accumulate over time. You can expect some demerit points for the suspension. 

Want to fix your bad driving record history? You should reinstate your license right away! Let’s talk about how to do that exactly within 5 simple steps:

1. Read Your Suspension Notice

Did you get the notice of suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles already? This is to confirm that you’re indeed suspended from using your driving license. If you receive it, you need to go to places without driving your car for a while. 

Do you know you can plead your case in front of a judge to contest the suspension? Acting immediately after receiving your notice of suspension is crucial. Time is of the essence as you often have less than two weeks to request a hearing. 

Look inside your mail every day to check. Make sure the court has your current address. It’s required to update your information whether you move inside or outside the state.

Many events and reasons could result in suspending your driver’s license. There are even instances where your suspension could take as long as 5 to 10 years. If this ever happens to you, remember you have the right to petition for reinstatement.

This is the best way to reinstate your license as soon as possible. Waiting too long will make officials question your responsibility as a citizen. 

Learn about different types of violations for a drivers license suspension on the road. This lets you prepare your case on the day you need to present and plead your case. You will have a better chance because you could defend yourself in front of the court.

2. Settle Outstanding Requirements

Check what’s on your driver record, which is the public record of your driving history. This is where you’ll see the information about the license when it was first issued, fine tickets, minor and major offenses. There should be reinstatement requirements listed below that tells you about the needed documents and fees to pay. 

The total amount varies from the number and level of offense of your violations. Filling fees and court costs on top of your other payments. It also depends on the state you currently live in. 

How about if you cannot pay the fees at the moment?

Fortunately, you can tell the DMV about your money status. Talk terms and come up with a payment plan program agreement. You should not ignore any unpaid fees. 

This inaction will only worsen the situation with your driver’s license issues. 

If you don’t pay on time the first instance, you could receive a penalty and fines again. And keep in mind refusal to deliver requirements might lead to another suspension. Yes, you can have two suspensions on your license at the same time. 

3. Get Auto Insurance Coverage 

You don’t have insurance yet? You should consider getting one right now. It’s illegal to not have auto insurance every car owner in most states. 

Talk to different agents about the coverage and benefits of the plans. Weigh in the prices the different offers and find the best car insurance for you. It is not recommended to avail of only the least insurance liability requirement because it would not be enough to cushion the bills if you ever got into an accident again.

For serious violations like DUI and DWI, you need to provide an SR-22. This is a certificate issued by your auto insurance company as proof you have insurance. You can also link your car insurance to the state through SR-22. 

After you got your insurance, you should try not to miss your payments. Otherwise, your insurance company will cancel the plan and notify the DMV about it. Remember, you will have a penalty if you don’t have insurance and result in another suspension. 

4. Drive Improvement Program

Inquire and look into the local driving programs at your state. There are some states which require you to enroll in a defensive driving course. You have to do this if you want to get your license back. 

Your current and future could see the demerit points on your driving record. This could hurt your job employment a lot. By completing the driving improvement course, you’ll receive safe points to compensate for the demerits. 

Besides, you might need one in the first place. This ensures you won’t do it again in the future, regardless of how minor or major your violations are. 

5. Complete Reinstatement Process 

This is the most important step to get your reinstated driver’s license as soon as possible. Make sure you follow the right instructions and procedures. Comply with the outstanding requirements required by the court and DMV.

The processes for the reinstatement are different from state to state. Some of them let you complete the process online or by mail. Yours could instruct you to go to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles after you petition for the reinstatement of your license. 

The court might decide you’re not eligible for the reinstatement. In this scenario, you can appeal for a Limited Driving Privilege instead. It is for people who got their licenses suspended but need the car for important daily stuff. This includes going to the groceries, taking the kids to school, and for your livelihood. 

After that, the waiting period begins. You have to wait for up to at least 3-4 weeks. It might take a while, but others had their new licenses as early as 10 days or so.

Try These Effective Ways How to Reinstate Your License 

You don’t have to wait for the end of your suspension to start driving again. By learning how to reinstate your license, you’re sure to get back on the road in no time!

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