The #1 Reason No One is Reading Your Business’s Blog

The success of a blog depends on a number of factors. That much is obvious. Everything from the timing of posts, to on-site SEO techniques, to subsequent promotion on social media can have an impact on whether or not a blog reaches its target audience. As such, it’s easy to see how a blogger or marketing professional might get bogged down in the details of blogging. While these smaller factors do have an effect on a blog’s viability, there’s one overriding issue that almost always determines a business blog’s success (or lack thereof): content relevance. 

Why Consumers Read Blogs

Some businesses tend to treat blogs more or less as fuel for an SEO campaign. However, the truth is blogs that don’t generate responses from consumers aren’t all that helpful in improving a company’s visibility online. It might sound painfully obvious, but blogs should be written with consumers in mind first and foremost; the focus on blogs as an SEO tool should be secondary. 

This leads us to an important question: why do consumers read blogs at all? The specifics vary from one company to another. Yet, the overarching reason why a customer clicks on a blog link is because they’re seeking an answer to a question. They want to know how to install a WiFi router, or when to sell stock, or if it’s a good idea to purchase a fax machine for their office. The answer changes, but the question remains the source of all blog posts. 

Generating More Relevant Blogs

The best business blogs answer their customers’ most pressing questions. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the tricky part comes in determining what exactly those questions are. There are several methods businesses can use to start writing more relevant blogs. They include: 

  • Keyword research to determine industry-specific searches with high volume.
  • Conducting customer surveys to determine common pain points.
  • Reviewing the most successful blogs of competitors –– and outperforming them.
  • Rewriting old blogs with high traffic. Remember, it’s okay to edit or amend an old blog to address new concerns or include new information. 

Lastly, companies that want to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences can team up with agencies like Helixa.


As we’ve established above, numerous conditions have to be met for a blog to achieve success. But if it doesn’t function on a base level –– i.e. directly answer a consumer question or concern –– then no amount of creative promotion will help it gain traction online. Always keep this in mind because it can be easy to lose track of this fact over time!

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