Why iPads are facing unfair comparisons

The iPad Air 2 seems to be an improvement over the old models instead of being a new product by Apple. The thing is as soon as you hear the name Apple, you tend to associate it with iPhone more than you associate it with iPads which is exactly their problem. Over the years, iPad hasn’t exactly experienced a happy time.

You have these laptop that could work as a tablet as well and since they come in the same price range, people tend to choose them over the iPad because the former doesn’t nearly offer that many features. For example, take the Yoga series of Laptop cum tablet of Lenovo series. Such products are perhaps the main rival of the company.

But then, I think perhaps Apple doesn’t want people to compare these iPads with those tablets and would rather prefer to maintain the statement that iPads are unique. Sure for the leisure purposes such as reading books, playing games, browsing the net and surfing through your apps make iPad the best choice. They’re more ideal when you keep it in homes. Unlike the Phablets which are another competitor to these iPads, you can’t carry them everywhere.

However, these new iPads are a plus over their older versions with the best feature being that they are thinner. This feature again means that the glare you experience from the screen are reduced by half nearly. Moreover the Touch ID sensor adds in more security features. It also got its camera upgraded.

All in all, these iPads aren’t meant for pure professional usage like those laptop cum tablets. They give you what the latter can’t : the Apple experience.

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