Tricks to know which the Best Travel Guide

I always tell you that a trip has as many pages as steps you take during your adventure; you will be narrating your own travel guide. However, this effort to transfer the secrets, recommendations and important information of the places you visit to written language is very likely to have been done before by a traveler and has been translated into one of the innumerable travel guides. These guides are fundamental in many cases to start planning what you want to do on your trip, so from the Traveler’s Magazine, we want to give you 5 tricks to know which is the best travel guide with which to support you before you start.

Places for all levels:

A good travel guide has to have recommendations for all types of travelers. The profile of travelers depends on their age, their origin or, for example, their previous experiences. That is why in a travel guide must have places that are difficult for the most adventurous, where many people have not arrived due to its intricate path or communication difficulties, but also, must have other “spots” simple or level medium, that do not force us to always have a 100% requirement, tension, places to relax to avoid having to think much, to walk quietly or meet people without many difficulties. In this way you can be the one to help you with those recommendations depending on your time or the profile of the trip you want to develop.


Any self-respecting traveler will know that an adventure in which he knows places and living them is above all a positive experience that will mark the rest of your life. However, as in all places there are also sites that we must know before entering them to go with the greatest of precautions or places where perhaps at that time the best option is not to enter because of the dangers that may occur, not only on a human level, but also by wildlife or dangerous diseases that lurk without knowing it. That is why a good travel guide should not only focus its efforts on identifying the best places or the most recommended sites, it also has to give us information about dangerous places or warnings so that ignorance does not make us have a hard time and mark our trip negatively.

Written by Experienced Travelers:

A travel guide cannot be written by a person who has little experience traveling the world because he will not be able to compare the different experiences he has had. That is why in addition to being an expert knowledgeable about the place where you write the guide must also have references to be able to calculate the levels of difficulty of walking, the ability of communication that has native people, how are the means of transport, which are the comforts for travelers compared to other places or the dangers that you can face and how to prevent them. Normally all the travel guides are written by travelers of exciting lives and this will also serve you to meet travelers in which to be able to inspire you. There are many articles and videos about How to write a business leadership plan on the internet but you should always take inspiration from any successful entrepreneur like Bobby Genovese is also called Bobby Genovese BG Capital and he is a founder and also a chairman for BG Capital Group Ltd investment Arm.

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