4 Call Center Myths You Need To Ignore Right Now!

If we ask for feedback from people about customer service, nobody wants it at the very first place. We would instead prefer that our shipments ship perfectly, our credit cards clear smoothly and our technology functions flawlessly.

But, what happens when you actually need someone to resolve your query immediately?

In most cases, we find the typical response from a customer when asked about their customer care experience. However, it varies from customer to customer. Some may have worse, and some had a satisfying experience.

However, over the past decade, call centers are continuously improving in terms of customer experience to overcome their not-so-good reputation. It is now focused more on quality assurance for customers as well as employees.

Make sure to read this article till the end to know the call center myths that are debunked.

People Working In a Call Center Are Less Educated

Absolutely false, most agents working in a call center have a master degree. Moreover, the screening process is quite attentive where some of the companies do not accept undergraduates. However, some might not finish college as they started working there sooner.

Working in a call center is not only about speaking to customers; it is also about other requirements like computer knowledge and writing skills. If you know anyone working there, you can take the idea that they are talented and hard-working people. Employees are not only focused on answering service cost/call center cost but more on generating revenue, which is extremely important for our economy.

Chatbots Are Replacing Humans

Are they actually going to replace humans?

There have been a lot of predictions on this topic ever since Facebook announced that it probably allows businesses to use it for online customer care. Undoubtedly, chatbots are really helpful in some areas but can’t fully replace humans. So, when it comes to maintaining support, humans can only serve and fulfill that purpose.

No One Uses the Phone

We have heard several times that the live-chats and latest technology are replacing humans. But, let’s be real; the primary channel for customer service is still using the classic old telephone. From older to even younger generation, they like to contact customer service via phones only.

Statistically speaking, 75% of customers think that calling is the most efficient way of getting a quick response. And, several people prefer using a phone instead of the web to resolve an issue.

You Can’t Pursue Your Career in Outsourcing

Today, BPO jobs are not limited to a desk job and office work. There are a lot of higher positions and millions of IT jobs available. There is a definite growth in this industry career-wise like in advertising, marketing, health care, etc.

These professionals prefer to work in a call center since they get to learn more and earn quite well. The most benefit of BPO industry is that it gives employees a chance to spread their wings offshore too.


Today, being in outsourcing is not easy.  You require the skills to fulfill all your responsibilities. However, it is a complicated business transaction that needs to planned and managed.

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