The Thrilling Side of  Dubai: 8 Popular Places To Put In Your Bucket List!

Have some vacation time to relish the good moments? Pack your bag and fly to Dubai!

You might have seen or heard the lavishing side of the country: the huge edifices, shimmering malls, Dubai food, Sheikhs, and the glittering streets. But, there’s more to do in the country!

Whether it’s about the tempting food to soothe your taste buds, shopping until the day, or taking pleasure of the sunbathing, Dubai has everything! From Paragliding to off-road driving to ski diving to exploring the wrecks, Dubai also has many thrilling yet exciting things to do!

If you are flying to this eye-widening, marvelous and architectural land, keep these places on your bucket list and experience the best of Dubai!

Autodrome Of Dubai:

Are you a fan of Formula One? Enjoy this in Dubai!

Dubai hosts one of the most thrilling Motorsport facility in Dubai Autodrome. Also considered as the popular modern car, racing circuits, it features 5.9 km with six configurations. Here you will see a diverse collection of cars like the Audi R8, F1, TT, and more.  Moreover, the track will provide you a great racing experience, just head to the driver seat or side to the side as a passenger, the choice is yours!


You must have heard the snowboarding, but the glittering Dubai is known for its one of the most popular sand boarding in the dunes. Put this in one of the things to do in Dubai and enjoy the sand experiences. You can even go to the highest dunes in your desired car with a surfboard and enjoy Sandboarding.

Balloon Flying;

Want to see Dubai from the top; get into a hot air balloon and witness the country from the top.  Get set to this magic carpet balloon over the wide ocean of dunes, wandering camels and dunes.

Off-Road Driving:

Get on the most iconic terrains with the off-road driving and explore the dunes. You can drive to the fossil rocks through dirty tracks or witness the red dunes and rock formations. In fact, fossil rocks are one of the best places of drivers who want to show their driving skills. Here you will see buggies, bikers and other two-wheelers wandering around. Take your 4×4 or bike and explore the country.

Driving To Reefs And Wrecks:

Dubai is a place for adventurous soles, with reef and wreck making one of the most popular places to explore. Just find your best scuba diving place and get driving. You can explore the Anchor Barge, which is home to beautiful color-changing cuttlefish or can also head to the Mariam Express to enjoy underwater of the Emirates.

Water Taxi:

Apart from the luxurious cars, glittering malls, and skyscrapers, Dubai also hosts some of the fantastic water taxis. The Abra will take you on a historical ride to give you the essence of Dubai Creek and let you enjoy the water ride.


Dubai is home to one of the tallest man-made skylines and features the world’s tallest buildings. Jump from the Cessna with skyrocketing speed and enjoy the falls from the sky. Just make sure that you have to withstand the strict skydiving rules on clothing as well as the overall weight limits.

Additionally, skydiving in Dubai will give you a heavy dose of thrill and fun. It’s exciting, safe; plus, the first time divers will jump with professional skydivers.

Desert Camping:

Don’t just get stuck in the crowded beach camps in Dubai, instead head to the deserts and set your camp there.  The deserts will soothe and relax your soul away from the hush-hush of the city.

From tranquility to the adventures to skydiving, Dubai will treat you in many ways!

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