Tips for Hosting a Fun Staff Party

It’s important to build a relationship with the people you work with, primarily the co-workers you have direct contact with as well as your boss. Not only does this make it easier for everyone to get tasks done, but it gives each person the comfort of knowing they have someone to can count on for advice or even a fun time on the weekends.

One way you can create that connection is through a staff party, and there are many ways you can host one outside of the office. Your festivities can involve multiple occasions and activities to keep everyone happy. Here are some tips to for hosting a fun staff party.

Choose multiple locations

If your staff has multiple days off coming up, we recommend taking advantage of that time to give the group as many sources of entertainment as possible. They may get a kick out of a dinner at your house and watching a football while drinking some beer, but there are plenty of spots in town that could create a fun night out.

You can start the party in a more easy environment, such as an arcade or escape room adventure. You could take advantage of bounce house rentals NYC that provide obstacle courses for adults. You can then venture to the local bowling alley and have a tournament to see who pays for drinks. Cap the night off with a trip to the bar.

Find musical entertainment

Music can liven up any experience, and one way to do that is by getting tickets for a concert coming up in the near future. You should first make sure there are musicians that everyone in your team can enjoy so that none of you waste your money. It can also benefit your wallet to search for upcoming concerts a month or so in advance.

The concert could be a late-night addition to a night out at a restaurant or a house party that could include a meal you make yourself and games like poker and charades. It may help to find a spot in the area where you can stand and have enough space to rock out or show off your dance moves.

Enjoy delicious meals

An occasion as simple as dinner could help create good relationships between co-workers, especially if you or other staffers are new to the company. It is a chance for people to bond over common dishes as well as recommend meals to try those other people may not have heard of before. You could also learn to cook up your own versions of the meal in case one of your co-workers is an experienced chef.

One way you can host such an occasion is to invite everyone over for dinner, which should work out if you trust yourself to cook well. However, if you feel that cooking can be a gamble, you can always take everyone out to a restaurant that you know delivers excellent meals and a variety of options on a consistent basis. Be sure in advance that no one has any food allergies.

Pick a theme

It can be easy for people to form relationships over themes such as music, film, and television. We’ve all had conversations by the cooler about seeing the latest episode of shows like “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones” the night before, as well as about the latest superhero film coming out that week. This could work for a movie or marathon night where you invite everyone over for hours of your favorite programming.

You could also have a night where you and the staff can play your favorite songs and introduce people to the newest album from their favorite bands. If a special holiday is coming up, you can decorate the house and prepare some snacks centered around the occasion.

Have a sports day

If everyone in your company is used to going out to bars and restaurants, and you are looking for something new to do on the weekend, it won’t hurt to host a party that involves getting a little more active. That’s where sports come in, as you can take your team to the local baseball fields and basketball courts for a few games.

You could also set up a badminton net in the backyard at your house if some people in the group want to avoid getting hurt, as well as a ping pong table in case the weekend suddenly gets rainy. If you have enough time, you can take your staff to a place that hosts paintball. All of these games allow you to work on your teamwork skills, which is both productive and fun.

Take these ideas into consideration so that you and your staff continue to enjoy working together and can count on each other for a fun weekend.

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