What is Zcash and How to buy Zcash online?

ZCash is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized blockchain that facilitates 100% anonymity for its users and the transactions performed by them. Being a digital currency, ZCash is parallel to Bitcoin in a lot of ways including the open – source technology, but the foremost variances lie in the level of privacy and fungibility that each crypto has to offer.

History and Evolution of ZCash

substitute cryptocurrencies (altcoins), some of which have flourished, others which have fall short along the competitive digital track. Along with increased usage, the demand for privacy increased as confidential data became effortlessly accessible, cryptocurrency users felt the need of other digital currencies that could fill the urgent need of privacy that Bitcoin could not. Although certain digital currencies like Dash and Monero provide composite anonymization methods but they generally vague the transactions and the parties involved in those transactions. Now another digital currency, i.e. ZCash seems to provide an even superior level of fungibility by letting its users to remain 100% anonymous.

ZCash was founded by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn in October 2016 with the target to serve an open financial system that could operate with such privacy feature that internet users have long desired. Bitcoin is a forerunner in the open financial system, and ZCash pursues to maintain the same structure but with privacy and fungibility as added advantage. Fungibility is the ease at which a commodity or currency can be substituted for another, which is equally important in the competitive crypto world as it guarantees that one crypto coin is as good as another and can offer the same basic utility – i.e. virtual currency. Accordingly, on one hand, Bitcoin is an open ledger system, while ZCash is an encrypted open ledger. This implies that even though all transactions are logged on a blockchain, but additionally the transactions are encrypted and can only be regarded by users that have been given access to them.

Trading in Zcash

Zcash currently trades at a market price of $ 61.5 USD with total market capitalization of $ 333 Million USD. The trading in Zcash coin is made as simple as buying a security in any stock exchange. You can buy ZCash online using Coinswitch which facilitates services such as buying of any cryptocurrency without having the need to register for an account. You can buy / sell any crypto you desire any time. All you need to have is a crypto wallet.

Coinswitch is best known for its exchange services in between cryptocurrencies. It acts as an aggregator and reflects the comparative prices of all cryptocurrencies that all major crypto exchanges around the world has to offer. Coinswitch facilitates more than 45K combinations among which you can swap your crypto coin in place of another.

For instance, you just need to type ZEC to BTC chart Coinswitch and Voila! You will be served with the line chart since the launch of both cryptos. The best rate available for exchange of these coins will be reflected at the top of the screen followed by the basic information such as 24 Hours high / 24 Hours low. Additionally, Coinswitch serves the links to some of the most famous and reliable crypto wallets where you can store your crypto coins without having the need to waste hours on deciding which crypto wallet is the safest and offers best services according to your need.

Having said that, it can be concluded that Coinswitch is your one stop shop for all your crypto needs.

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