The Best Twitter Tool to Clean Up Your from Unfollowers and Inactives.

Twitter is a great platform to market your products or services, because of its range of reach and its ability to provide any information in a short and efficient manner. This can only happen if you use your twitter account in an effective manner.

It is a natural tendency of most of the people to start following huge number of accounts, just to increase your followers. They think that increasing the number of followers will increase their market capturing range for advertisement, which in turn will help them to build their brand image. But sadly, this does not happen for most of the people.


Just increasing the number of followers will not help you build your brand. You must keep in mind that you should target those accounts that you actually want to demonstrate your product or service to, rather than targeting each and everyone in the audience, just for a trial and error basis. It will ultimately result in you degrading the value of your brand because of the following reasons:

  • Talkative accounts: Since you are just starting to market your product or service, your relevant followers are looking for important and useful information. If there are talkative accounts in your follow list, they will surely cause damage to a vast extent. If people are constantly talking useless things, it will intrigue your relevant followers on twitter to unfollow your account, which may cause you a customer.
  • Value adding: If you want your product or service to be marketed properly and efficiently, then you need to keep your followers engaged in interactions. This simply means adding value to your account. If you keep your followers interactive, you will see that your account will gain reputation. but if large portion of your account is inactive, then it will degrade your brand image.
  • Social media noise: Too many followers on your twitter will cause social media noise. This results in useless stuffs like, repeated conversations, repeated posting of same tweets, posting tweets that are not relevant for you scheme of things, etc. This also may cause you to lose your relevant followers.
  • Fake accounts: Spam is a great issue faced by most of the followers on twitter. These fake accounts just take the information from your account and then use them to inbox their content, which the followers do not entertain. They may unfollow your account because of these spammers and even block you.

Other than these things, too many follows will result in saturating your accounts with non-followers. What is the use of following those accounts that are not interested in your content. Inspite of following those accounts, you must target those accounts that are really interested in your product or service, and follow them, so that they find it relevant and useful. This will help you build your brand’s image.

How is Twitter Unfollow relevant?

As you have just started to advertise your brand on twitter, it is important that you do not make your followers of twitter unfollow you. As we have already discussed that you should avoid talkative, fake, inactive and non-following accounts as they do not add any value to your scheme of things. Now it is very important to keep those accounts that are important to you and if you make those people in twitter unfollow you, it will result in a bargain that will fetch you nothing.

What can be done?

The answer to this question is simple. Just unfollow those accounts that do not add any value to your account.

How to do it?

Use CircleBoom, the best Twitter Unfollow Tool. CircleBoom provides features that will help you to:

  • Keep your account Healthy.

A healthy Twitter account is that, which carries no talkative accounts and accounts that do not add value. If you want to newly establish your brand, a healthy twitter account is the must.

CircleBoom provides the best twitter unfollow tool that will help you unfollow those accounts that do not add value to your twitter profile.

  • Keep your account Safe.

Keeping your account safe form spammers is also relevant for your scheme of things. Spammers may cause you to loose many of your followers.

CircleBoom provides your an analysis about the accounts that are spammers. You can then use the CircleBoom’s Twitter unfollow tool to unfollow those accounts and block them.

  • Remove Unfollowers and Inactives.

As discussed already, Unfollowers are useless for your profile, as are the inactive accounts.

Use the twitter unfollow tool on CircleBoom. It provides you with the features that study your twitter account and provide you information about those accounts that are not following you back and are inactive.

  • Remove Social Media Noise.

Removing social media noise is also essential for your profile on twitter. People who are willing to see your content, will unfollow you if there are repeated, irrelevant and useless tweets.

CircleBoom saves you the time by providing features that marks unfollows those accounts that create social media noise.

It will be a good idea to use CircleBoom, as it keeps your twitter account clean. Just make sure that you do not clean up those accounts that are relevant for you, like twitter accounts of blogs and companies, because they rarely follow back.

Other than these features, CircleBoom also provides features like:

  1. It makes a search for you target audience, with its Smart Search tool.
  2. It provides an in-depth analytics module about your friends, followers and posts statistics.
  3. It provides and RSS Feed feature, that connects your blogs and website directly to your twitter accounts for your followers to view them directly.
  4. Provides a scheduling module that helps you to schedule your tweets and even create new posts.

CircleBoom Covers all these features that will help you keep your account clean and healthy and make build your brand’s image. It is compatible in mobile and has a responsive design, which makes the task of twitter unfollow easy and fun.

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