A Brief History of the Gaming Industry

Over the last decade, betting and casinos have been on the limelight for their revenue generation. The gaming industry is considered to be a year-round, not that seasonal as some prefer to it. The popularity of these platforms is growing daily through various innovations of technology and recognition by authorities regarding by stakehunters. But has the industry changed so much? And if so, by just how much?


Gambling has existed over centuries in one form or another as evidence from history books suggest. Betting is believed to have originated from Ancient Rome through their arena sports of either chariot races or gladiators. Casino, on the other hand, is believed to have originated from China.

Gambling spread to Europe and continued to evolve and became more orderly. Betting is just the same as it was centuries ago, only that there are some changes. The same applies to the casino only that casinos became more sophisticated. Going through history we can learn of what changes were there and what to expect in the future.

Access to Gaming Information

In the past, for you to get information about betting or how to play a casino you had to search for information through the radio shows or read a magazine. Information was not that easily accessible as it was tiresome to search for betting guidelines.

Presently, you can get any detail you need online and even get previews and highlights of games anytime. Casino information can also be gathered online on the best type of wager and the most common types of wins. With internet advancing anything you need you can get by the click of a button.

Use of Technology

In the golden age, you had to travel to a bet dealer or a casino to gamble or place a bet. For instance, if you were in the UK you had to make a trip to the racecourse track for you to place a horse bet. And if you were in the USA you had to travel down to Nevada to enjoy gambling.

With internet access, you can place bets wherever you are and even play virtual casino games from an internet device. Everything about gambling can be accessed online by the creation of an online account. Online platforms for gaming are trending almost everywhere that is if the government permits it.

Over the last few years, there have been controversies surrounding the viability of online gambling. Various governments have been pushing to eliminate gambling services over the internet

Mobile Gaming

With internet use, you can now enjoy gaming services without even having to step out of your comfort zone. All you need is a smartphone and you are all set to go. You either download an app or access the gaming providers‘ websites.


Back then you could only have limited betting options be it sports betting or races. But as of now, there are so many options you can choose from ranging from wins to handicaps. The same goes for online casinos since they offer so much more in terms of free spins and bonuses. On the other hand, there are literary over a hundred providers of internet-based gambling platforms all over.

Mode of Payment

Of all the changes in the gaming industry, payment methods have changed by far. It started with rubies, gems, diamonds, and gold. It later advanced to the use of fiat money as a standard medium of exchange. The use of real money has been adopted and used for a while.

Currently, the mode of payment preferred is online deposits and online withdrawals through banks and other online financial institutions such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Recently there is the development of the future digital currency that uses blockchain technology. This digital currency is the future of gambling.

Betting and casinos have changed over the years and still will be more different soon with continued technological advancements.

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