What is a Cloud Based Phone System? Everything You Need to Know

Is your business expanding, or simply looking to keep up technologically with the times? If this is the case and you haven’t adapted to a cloud-based phone system yet, now is the time. 

By now, you’re probably familiar with the “cloud.” But if you’re still wondering how a cloud-based phone system actually works and why your business needs one, here’s the low-down.

What Is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

You may have heard it referred to as VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. It’s also commonly referred to an internet-based phone system. 

In the simplest of terms, a cloud-based phone system is simply a phone service that’s delivered through your internet connection. You and your employees are easily able to make and receive VoIP calls via your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or other mobile devices. 

Interestingly, more recent cloud-based phone systems offer many useful business features in addition to simply making and receiving phone calls.

What Can a Cloud-Based Phone System Do?

One of the best benefits of a cloud based phone service is that it can save your business close to 80% on your monthly phone bill.

There’s no more need for headsets and dials. No more desk phones. No more long-distance phone calls to clients wracking up your bill.

Essentially all you need is a broadband internet connection and you’re golden.

This means your business will also save money on frustrating hardware maintenance or repair costs that inevitably accrue with all landlines.

If your business needs require you to route certain calls to specific departments, VoIP is a perfect, and low-cost solution. Via your cloud-based phone system, you can set up customized, virtual, mailboxes where voicemails can be stored and transcribed.

Your VoIP system can also record calls if needed and help your business take a step towards going green by sending paperless faxes. 

Features for cloud-based phone systems vary depending on your provider and business needs.

A cloud-based phone system can help you expand your customer base by reducing your costs and enabling you to make clearer calls. You’re far less likely to be disconnected when you’re speaking via the internet than a hardline.

What About My Existing Landlines?

Some VoIP systems also allow you to integrate with your company’s existing landlines. This means that if one of your employees still uses a landline for some reason, that hardline phone can be incorporated into your VoIP service.

No one will get left out.

successful VoIP implementation can be quite simple. Especially if you choose a service with experience helping various business types.

Upgrade Your Phone Service Stat

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a brand new start-up, or a seasoned CEO looking to keep up with the times, a cloud-based phone system works well with any business model.

VoIP is virtually a must-have communication tool to grow and strengthen your company in today’s business climate.

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