Samsung launches its LTE version of Galaxy S5

Samsung has officially launched the LTE version of the Galaxy S5 in India and has attached with the mobile a price tag of Rs.53,500. The smartphone will be available for sale from July 20 onwards, according to their statement.

Some of the features of this mobile are really very cool in the first place like the 16 mega pixel camera along with a hybrid auto focus system and the Super AMOLED screen. Also, I shouldn’t forget to mention that the phone, thanks to its powerful processor, the Qualcomm chipset facilitates features like download booster and Wi-Fi MiMO

The smartphone also comes with a 2 GB of RAM along with it which is more than enough to give you a lag free experience of Android. But what makes this model different from its twin sister is that The LTE version of the smartphone comes along with a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU, which supports the eight 4G LTE bands including the ones which work in India.

Earlier, the company was criticized for launching the 3G only version of the Galaxy S5 in India, which was deemed overpriced. The standard version of the Galaxy S5 is powered by the Exynos Octa-core CPU, which does not support LTE networks in India. The Galaxy S5’s reception in the Indian market was perhaps Lukewarm because of such facts.

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