Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Review

RockJaw, a small British manufacturer of earphones, is unknown to many audiophiles, but that doesn’t depreciate the potential of this particular company. As this time, they’ve come with updated version of ‘Alpha Genus’ earphones, and now it is called Alpha Genus V2. But what we like about the Alpha series earphones is that they’ve a unique concept of interchangeable tuning filters and available for an affordable price tag.

But when we say “updated version” then it doesn’t mean a gradual update as the Alpha Genus V2 is different in various aspects from its previous version. They no longer have the twisted and annoying cable but instead, a competent rubber cable that resists tangling. Other changes like aluminium touch to the outlook of the earphones.

We’ve spent almost a month with Alpha Genus V2 earphones and here we’ll scrutinize the various parameters of the earphones in our review.


rockjaw alpha genus v2 earphones

As far as unboxing goes, the RockJaw uses a standard headset packaging for ‘Alpha Genus V2’ as we’ve noticed the same in its other products. After unboxing, you’ll get an earphone cord that measures 1.2m in length, three tuning filters, silicone earbuds of various sizes, and a sebaceous carrying pouch. Apart from these accessories, the pack also consists an instruction manual that ensures you have a proper fit and performance from these earphones.


  • In-ear headphones
  • Cord Length: 1.2M
  • Drivers: 8mm dynamic
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Jack Type: Gold Plated 3.5MM
  • 3X Interchangeable Tuning Filters
  • Mic With Pause/Play Button – (iOS, Android and Windows Compatible)
  • Weight: 11g

Features and Design

When it comes to design and feel, the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 is a complete reform. While the original version was built with wood finish, the V2 has an aluminium touch. This has no robust impact on the weight or tenacity of the earphones as these are as benign as before. Apart from that, they have “L” and “R” (denotes Left and Right) markers engraved underneath each of buds, but those are a bit hard to read in vague light due to the metallic finish,

The cables are 1.2m long and equipped with a textured rubber touch that resists tangling. And as far as the minijack goes, the Rock Jaw has kept the 3.5mm minijack as thin as possible so it will fit through the small holes in a variety of smartphone and tablet cases.

rockjaw alpha genus v2 earphones filters

But something we’ve not seen before is interchangeable filters. Altogether, there are three sets. Installed by default is the silver set which ameliorates bass. Another one is champagne-coloured set that provides a neutral response while the black set helps in enhancing high frequencies.

In addition to this, these earphones also consist an in-line remote and microphone for making the phone calls, but it will cost you nearly £1 extra compared to the mic-less version. Our review sample had the microphone included. Although the earphones do not have any volume buttons there is a single button which lets you play, pause and jump tracks as well as answer a call.


This Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 In-Line Mic is available for only $53.49 and You can find mic-less version inside galaxy J1 headphones at MobileFun.

Audio Performance 

The sound quality of these earphones is more than just good as we’ve tested the Alfa Genus V2 on a range of devices from different smartphones to Windows running Laptop with a wide variety of content that includes various music tracks, high-quality podcasts and videos.

alpha genus v2

But what we concretely liked about these earphones is the fact that these have managed to outperform our favorite ‘Beacon Perseus Headphones’ in every possible aspect. In fact, you’d commonly have to pay over $100 for this level of sound quality.

These interchangeable tuning filters played the protagonist in our test as each and every pair of filters had something to offer. The bass filters are suitable for those who likes to listening rock and dance genre music as these filters offer a punchy and thrilling bass. In case you are shifting to Champagne filters then you’ll be bound to receive a smooth and balanced sound. These filters function nicely for the different genre of tracks, so if you don’t want the chaos of perennially switching out filters, then the Champagne is an ideal one for you. The last one is the Black that offers high-end treble clarity more than the silver and champagne. These filters focus on the upper frequencies which fit best for the class pieces, but avoid if you are more into bass oriented track or hip-hop.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Interchangeable Tuning Filter System
  • Great Value For Money
  • Comes with various sizes of earbuds


  • Looks Mediocre
  • Black filter lacks bass


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