Planning a Wedding in 2 Months? Here’s Your To-Do List

Planning a wedding in 2 months? They say it can’t be done, but you’re going to prove them wrong. 

It may be a bit of a whirlwind, but with the right amount of organization, determination, and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude, you can do this. We want to see you succeed and offer our assistance. 

Let’s start with the basics. Keep reading for our to-do list for planning a last-minute wedding.

1. Lock Down the Time and Date

First, you and your significant other need to decide when you want to get married. If you’re planning a wedding in 2 months, obviously time is of the essence. Perhaps you already have an important date in mind?

Regardless, you need to lock down the day of the wedding and think about if you want a morning, afternoon, or evening ceremony. If you’re getting married in the summer, it may be wise to have the wedding in the evening to avoid the heat.

2. Secure a Wedding Venue

Next, you need to find a wedding venue. Learning to plan a wedding fast requires flexibility. Based on your short timeline, you may not have access to your top venue of choice. 

In this case, you need to either change the date of your wedding or find a different venue. What is more important?

Just make sure you choose a venue that meets your basic requirement for guests, entertainment, and atmosphere.

3. Send Out Invitations

Once you get a date, time, and venue locked down, you need to send out wedding invitations as soon as possible. Ideally, you want to give people at least three to four weeks’ notice in advance. This will give them time to rearrange other things in their schedule, plan their attire, buy wedding presents, etc.

4. Get the Dress and Tux

Now you and your significant other need to get fitted for your wedding attire. Both wedding dresses and tuxedos require a lot of adjustments and alterations to make them fit perfectly on the wearers. 

Once again, this step should be taken as soon as possible. Try to give yourself the full two months before the wedding to get your wedding attire sorted out. Be sure to tell the company about your timeline.

5. Start Planning the Logistics

Figuring out how to plan a wedding in 2 months means paying attention to the details. You need to think about all of the logistics that go into planning a wedding. For example:

  • Theme
  • Decor
  • Food and drinks
  • Guest accommodations
  • Entertainment

One thing you may need to think about is an outdoor wedding portable bathroom. This is especially important if you’re planning a wedding in an outdoor venue. You and your guests will need basic human requirements.

Are You Planning a Wedding in 2 Months?

If you’re planning a wedding in 2 months, we believe in you. We don’t think it’s impossible and are excited to see what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. Don’t get us wrong, it will be difficult and stressful at times, but it will all be worth it in the end.

And if you’re looking for more information, be sure to check out some of our other posts before you go. Our blog is dedicated to sharing valuable advice with people like you from all walks of life.

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