What is Road Wrap Used for

What Is Road Wrap Used for?

Most car enthusiasts want to take care of their vehicles and make sure their paint jobs look as good as possible. Mastering this requires everything from finding the right accessories to learning how to take care of your car cover. A road wrap is one option that may be able to help keep your vehicle in optimal shape. However, if you are unsure of what it does, you aren’t alone.

Common Uses for Road Wrap

Road wrap paint protection is a film that you can wrap around parts of your vehicle exterior. It provides protection from scratches, dirt, debris and bumps. It is one of the easiest ways to provide quick and affordable defense against common paint job hazards. However, road wrap is intended to be temporary. It can only be left on your vehicle for up to seven days.

This may leave you scratching your head. Most other protective measures can be used for much longer. Of course, many of these are quite costly. Sometimes, you need some extra protection for temporary use. Since road wrap can be used while driving, it has a lot of good uses.

  • Towing
  • Long road trips
  • Protection from rock chips and other road hazards
  • Protection from bumps and scrapes
  • Defense against bugs, bird droppings, sap, tar and road grime

In short, if you are concerned about your paint job getting damaged but only need temporary protection, this is for you. It can also work on RVs, boats and motorcycles.

How To Use Road Wrap Properly

Road wrap is very easy to use. It comes in a roll of film that you can simply wrap around body panels. For example, if you are using a bumper hitch, you may wrap the bump in road wrap to give it some extra protection.

When you have decided what you want to protect, wrap it, cut the film then use a squeegee to press is neatly against the body panel. This creates a surprisingly discrete layer over the top of the paint. The wrap can be left on for up to seven days. When you are ready to remove it, simply peel it off. It comes off very easily and with no risk for the paint underneath.

Other Ways To Protect Your Vehicle

There are many other options for protecting your vehicle. For example, you can put a cover over it while you are storing your car or truck. You can also consider a car bra to protect the frontend while driving.

Clear wrap is a popular option that is very similar to road wrap. However, it is intended for long-term use and is much more expensive.

Protect Your Paint Job

The more you learn about protecting your paint job, the better off you will be. Answering questions such as, “do car cover damage car paint?” (the answer is no if they are high-quality) will prepare you to take care of your beloved car or truck. Learn more today and invest in some protective options such as road wrap. You can keep that paint job looking shiny and perfect.

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