Office Paint Colors: A Workplace Design Guide

Studies have shown that employees work better in office spaces that inspire productivity and boost their moods. 

Many businesses are now designing office spaces with their employees in mind, adding cool perks like lounge areas, snack bars, and more, all aimed at keeping workers happy.

But you don’t have to go all-out to design an office space that inspires your workforce. Even a simple paint change can make a big difference.

Keeping reading for a guide to choosing the best office paint colors for your space.

Moody and Modern

Bold, moody colors are having a moment right now.

From deep forest greens to black, these dark tones can make your office space look and feel modern, especially when paired with the right accents and decor.

If you want to utilize dark colors like black, green, purple, or navy, consider using that tone for an accent wall. Balancing it out with lighter, coordinating tones will help keep your space from feeling small.

Metallic or mirrored furnishings and decorations can also help keep these dark tones feeling modern and polished.

While it’s always a good idea to bring in a professional when interior painting your office, this is especially important when you’re using dark paint colors. Commercial painting will help ensure that the color is even and bold, with no underlying tones peeking through.

Bright and Sunny

If you want to get your employees inspired and boost their moods the moment they walk in the office, consider something bright and sunny. 

Yellow is proven to not just brighten moods but also increase your energy. This is something that every office can benefit from.

To keep your space from looking too washed-out, choose a bold color of yellow over a pastel shade.

Another great color for office walls is green. A bright green shade will not only help lighten up a dark office but is also proven to reduce anxiety, helping create a calming space.

Professional and Polished

If a colorful office isn’t right for your business, keep things professional and polished with more classic, timeless hues.

Light gray or white with black accents are both great office color schemes for a professional space. Even an accent wall in a timeless shade of red or a color that fits your business’ brand can brighten up your office while still feeling polished.

Just because you want your office to feel professional doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a modern color. 

For instance, Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue, is an enduring tone that can help inspire confidence and a feeling of calm in your office space.

Choosing the Best Office Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color for an office doesn’t have to mean sticking to boring white.

These office paint colors can all help brighten your space, inspire your employees, and give your space a professional feel. 

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