Parental Control Apps – Keeping Kids Safe from Offline and Online Trauma

Initiating a discussion with your kids about offline and online safety is neither easy for you nor comfortable for them. But it is one of the most important responsibility of parents. Kids need guidance to protect themselves and this is how you can make them less likely to become a victim. You must have a clear idea about where they are and what they are doing online. You should know what attitude they have and how do they behave. To know more about kids, read below and observe them!

Offline or online kids are adventurous

No matter kids are offline or communicating with others virtually; their safety could be at stake if they don’t know skills to protect themselves. Knowing their whereabouts is very important because today’s kids are very smart at hiding and twisting the truth. If they are leaving for extra studies, can you surely say they are actually at a friend’s place? Or if they are online can you answer which Web site they are visiting? Well, none of today’s parent could be sure at it, without a digital approach to parenting.

If you don’t monitor their whereabouts and online activities they can encounter with offline and online predators. These cyber or real life strangers can harm your kids in a number of ways. They can harm them by cyber-stalking, abuse their personal information or harass them etc.

Ensure kids’ safety with an app

You can’t be with your kids all day long, and monitoring their Web presence is also not an easy job. But you can develop a healthy and friendly relationship with your growing kids to support them. There is another attractive option as well. You can also make use of parental control apps which can make monitoring way better and way handy. One advanced app being used by parents these days is FamilyTime Parental Control App that lets parents monitor, analyze, and take control too.

family locator app

The app offers:

Web Monitoring

  • Check browsing history with the date and time stamps
  • View bookmarks and favorites
  • Keep an eye on most visited sites

Mobile monitoring

  • Check the call logs
  • View contacts with details
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts
  • Check installed apps
  • Check app usage frequency
  • Blacklist unwanted apps

Location tracking

  • Check current location with virtual map
  • Track where they have been all day long with the location details and the time stamps.
  • Geo-fence places to receive automated check in and check out alerts.
  • Receive panic alerts along with location
  • Receive PickMeUp alerts with the location details

To download this app on your phone, go now to your phone’s store or click the links below

Google Play


Safeguard kids seven days a week

It is equally important to monitor kids’ online activities and their whereabouts. You can’t avoid where they have been all day long, with whom and when. Nor can you ignore what they do online and which Web sites they visit and with whom they communicate. To help you stay in the know of all these details parental control apps prove to be a great assistant. So take the digital route now and ease parenting!

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