Love the Look – 5 Tips to Ensure Your Cosmetic Tattoos Last as Long as Possible

When people think of tattoos, their minds usually run to the thought of colorful ink and gorgeous designs on the body that expresses something about the person hosting the art. They are a permanent character statement, or maybe just something a little fun to add flair to the body. But tattooing isn’t limited to artistic expression and capturing meaningful memories. Sometimes, getting tattooed is about improving self-confidence, saving time, and looking your best.

This is where the delicate art of cosmetic tattooing comes in.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing, or permanent makeup, is done with the purpose of enhancing the body in a natural and subtle manner. Using ink, an artist can alter the shape, color, and design of your eyebrows, lips, and other facial features. This process can improve self-esteem and take the hard work out of getting ready in the morning, but cosmetic tattoos do fade eventually. 

To get the most out of this treatment, there are several tips and tricks you can use to make your cosmetic tattoos last. 

Maintaining Your Cosmetic Tattoo: Five Tips to Make it Last

1. Avoid putting water on the permanent makeup for a week after placement

The pigments need time to settle into the skin. Especially in the case of eyebrow tattoos, try to avoid putting any water directly on the treated area for the first week after your appointment. Instead, use a gentle cleanser around the area to freshen up without distorting the beautiful work that has been done. 

2. Wear lots of sunscreen when exposed to the elements

UV rays are notoriously harmful to the skin, and this is especially true when it comes to permanent makeup that has been artfully applied to your face. If you want to enjoy the nice weather while simultaneously taking care of your cosmetic tattoo, make sure to put on the proper amount of sunscreen and wear a hat or visor to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your face. 

3. Be delicate when applying other makeup

You should always be extra careful when applying other cosmetic products to the tattooed area as the added vigor can rub off the work that was done, specifically if it was microblading. The point of the artwork is to save you from having to apply as much makeup, so take advantage of your new look and use mascara and lipsticks minimally.  

4. Choose ink that is a different shade than your natural lip color

Much like when you dye your hair the same as your natural color, if you try to match the lip tattoo to your original skin tone, the fading will be much more noticeable and will likely happen quicker. Choose ink that is a few shades lighter or darker, and you are much more likely to get more out of the tattoo. 

5. Never get laser treatments or waxing in the area

laser treatments, waxing, exfoliating treatments, and depilatory creams are all highly likely to interfere with the ink used in permanent makeup and tattooing. While it is tempting to continue to alter your face as you age, avoid these drastic measures for the sake of your cosmetic tattoos. 

There is no way to guarantee that your cosmetic tattoos will last for years. In fact, it’s only natural that the dyes will fade as time goes on. View permanent makeup as a project that needs upkeep rather than a one-off purchase, and you should be pleased with the results!

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