Tips to Remember for Buying a Diamond Ring

The big day of celebrating your love with your partner is close, and you can’t decide yet which ring to buy. Any day, the best choice of engagement rings will be a diamond ring because nothing is more precious than it. To say ‘I love you to your partner, holding a beautiful diamond ring, is something you’ve been waiting for all your life. 

Now that you’ve made your mind don’t rush in buying a diamond without having complete knowledge about how it needs to be purchased. Investing in a diamond ring is not an everyday expense, and therefore, it is going to be your hard-earned and saved money that you’ll be putting in to buy a ring. You aim to get a nice big rock at the lowest price possible. And so, you wait for sales, discounts and offers. Naturally, it is a human tendency to save money, and there is no harm in that. But do you believe what you will be buying in a sale is true to quality?

Not every day, you walk into a jewellery store to buy an engagement ring. So, here are some tips that you can remember to buy a diamond. 

  • Should you buy a mined diamond or a lab-made diamond?

Most of you know that diamond is opted out of mines and then processed in labs to get the shapes and design you desire. However, there are lab-made diamonds that almost have the same quality and durability as a mined diamond would. Yes, there is a significant difference in the cost between the mined and lab-made diamonds, but both look stunning. If you want a budgeted ring for engagement, you can pick lab-made diamonds. 

  • What is the diamond cut grading?

All diamonds come with a grading that is approved by the prominent diamond organizations in the world. Australia is a land of natural resources and has an excellent quality of mined diamonds. The diamond cut grading is one of the essential deciding factors when purchasing a diamond. The four C’s, the carat, cut, colour and clarity, determine the grading it gets and helps in making a better choice. 

  • The diamond shape

Diamonds are shaped differently to create unique designs and patterns. Most people prefer buying a round-shaped diamond. But there are also many other unique shapes like oval, pear, princess, cushion, emerald and many others; you can select any shape of your choice depending on your partners choice. 

  • The carate weight

Diamonds have caret weight that decides the price of a diamond. The style and pattern have nothing to do with the cost of the diamond. The carate weight will begin from carat sizes: 0.50 cts and will go up to 5.00 cts and above. 

The value of a good quality diamond will begin close to $3600 and can go up to as high as you can think. It would be best if you were not paying attention to the cost of the diamond. Even if you have a set budget in mind and really like a ring that is a few dollars high in price, you should make that sacrifice happily. Engagement rings are for life, and there shouldn’t be any compromise when buying them. So, look at all prospects, and check out physical and online stores to get the best right for your soulmate. 

Don’t resist asking questions about the marking process, terms and policies and other doubts about the jeweller before purchasing the ring. 

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