A Directory of Companies and Organizations in the Movie Business

What would the world be like without entertainment? Can you picture your life without watching a single movie? Movies eliminate boredom from our lives and are the cause for most of our happy emotions. Over the years, several companies and organizations have played an essential role in bringing this form of entertainment to our screens. The process involves a lot of labor and innovation to create the masterpieces we enjoy from the creation, production, acting, and screening. Several companies provide different services. For example, Netflix allows you to stream these movies and other TV shows at a fee, while IMDb provides you with information on these movies and their cast and crew. This article will discuss some of the top ten companies in the movie business and how they play a part in growing the entertainment industry.

Here is the list of the top movie companies of all time:

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox is known as one of the big six studios of all time. The studio was established in 1935 and became prosperous and well-known for its musicals and Shirley Temple’s involvement. Their most recent smash, Avatar presently holds the record for a most grossing film of all time, grossing over $2.7 billion. 20th Century Fox has created some great and profitable franchises.


The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is one of the most well-known websites in the world. Millions of works of entertainment, including movies, television shows, games, and more, have complete cast and crew listings. When it comes to entertainment, IMDb contains information on any show you can think about.


One of the most popular streaming services globally, Netflix provides a vast range of TV and movie entertainment options. The company, which began as a mail-order DVD rental service more than 20 years ago, has since entirely altered its business model to keep up with the ever-changing tech world. Now boasting over 200 million subscribers online, it won a spot as one of the largest global media publishers. From documentaries to TV shows and movies, it both produces and streams numerous films and hence is the largest streaming service in the entertainment industry. Despite having competitors such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus, Netflix continues to top the charts.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros. is an irrepressible production house that has produced outstanding films and fantastic film franchises. Harry Potter, The Matrix, and Batman are among them. Some of the subsidiaries owned by Warner bros include: 

  • DC Films
  • Warner Bros. Animation
  • Turner entertainment
  • Newline Cinema.
  • Castle Rock Entertainment.

Some of the top-grossing films produced by the Warner Bros company include masterpieces like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Screen dollars

Also known as the most popular movie directory, screen dollars is the hub of information for all things movies. They link professionals with Data and news about the film industry and provide an accessible database with movie suggestions and information about films. A team of experienced professionals bridges the gap between the directors of movies and their audience, aiding each side by providing the information they require to improve themselves. 

Walt Disney Studios

The Walt Disney Company’s entertainment division is known as Walt Disney Studios. Over the years, the studio has created numerous fantastic films that have influenced many people’s lives, particularly younger audiences. Disney is also a multibillion-dollar global entertainment conglomerate that owns and runs theme parks, resorts, a cruise line, broadcast television networks, and other companies. The movie streaming service Disney+, which launched in the fall of 2019, is one of the company’s most recent expansions. In addition to giving streaming access to existing content, the firm creates various new television and film content for Disney +. Some of Disney’s best films include The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Chronicles of Narnia.

Lionsgate Films

In North America, Lionsgate films take the lead as the most commercially profitable movie and television distribution company in the mini-major sector. It is also among the top ten best movie studios. They have grown to be successful because of other studios such as Vestron Pictures and Artisan Entertainment. Lionsgate has worked on several successful film franchises, including Kick-Ass, The Expendables, and The Hunger Games. In time, Lionsgate Films could soon become a major studio due to the wise investments they’re making.

Dreamworks Pictures

Everybody knows and admires the movie Transformers. Well, Dreamworks Pictures was the incredible studio behind that work of art. It is owned by Amblin Partners and was founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Gergen in 1944. It has produced major successful franchises such as Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan. However, the most successful subdivision of the studio is Dreamworks Animations, which brought in significant profits through films such as Shrek, The Prince of Egypt, and Antz.

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