Let Us Revise The Specs of Sony Xperia Z2

Now that Sony Xperia Z2 is available on market, let us know something about it. Its price is just about 45 grand in the Indian mobile market and is slowly turning out to be one of the slimmest tablets the world has ever seen.

The screen is nothing less than stunning but Sony has always been known for creating a vivid display to all their products. You might have heard of the 5.2 inch screen that it possess.

It’s really thin with its dimensions being 146.80 x 73.30 x 8.20 (in mm) and weighs about 160 to 163 grams and it was perhaps predicted already that it wouldn’t have a removable battery. This product of Sony has received wide appreciations for its brilliant display and full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) screen.

It has a compass, a proximity sensor, an accelerometer, ambient light sensor and many other types of sensor along with it. Its camera is also pretty good, scratch that off, it’s actually excellent with about 20.7 MP of primary camera. It runs on an Android Platform as predicted also.

Overall, it’s a pretty good tablet in its price range and offers a good value for money. It scores very well in factors of design, display, performance, battery life and camera.

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