What city can these billionaires buy (if it were at all possible)?

Being rich is one thing, being Richie-rich is completely another thing. If these billionaires would want, they can buy an entire city for themselves. They spend money in either grands or millions but perhaps never in single or double digit figures. Let’s have a look at these billionaires.


Walton Family

  • The Walton Family collectively has the largest fortune in the world. What are the cities they could buy you ask? Well Seattle (priced at 111.5 billion dollars) could be bought easily by them. Beyond that they could afford Dallas for $109.4 billion, Washington, D.C. for roughly the same, Miami for $92.8 billion, Portland for a billion less.


  • Then you have Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft who can easily afford to buy Boston which would perhaps cost him a little over 75 billion dollars from his bank account.

Larry Page

  • The co-founder of Google Larry Page might consider himself to be the ruler of the internet world because of his team’s creation: the Google but when it comes to cities he could buy himself Florida and if stats are to be verified then each of the employees of Google would receive two houses in such a case if Page were to distribute it among his employees.

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