Enjoy your travel experience with best android apps

The Android now has a healthy amount of apps for its age. It still cannot compete with the mammoth sized library that Apple have, but the Apple operating system has been around a lot longer than the Android so we can let it off for that. The Android has a number of apps that will help and entertain you whilst you are traveling too. The apps on this list are in no particular order which indicates the best or worst because they all do different things plus they are all pretty good at what they do.


1. Galaxy S4 Universal Remote

It may not seem obvious why you would want a universal remote as you were traveling, but this app can control over 300,000 devices with infra red. This is very handy in hotel rooms where the remote has been lost. You can even be the one to change the TV channel in the pub if you have this app. There are lots of little uses for it that you have not even realized.

2. Floating Browser s4 app

This app is great for when you are traveling and multitasking. It works literally as a floating browser that you may tap to bring back your browser page that you were on. If you are looking up something whilst you are traveling and you do not want to have to re-navigate back to a certain page then you can do it with this app by allowing it to keep your page on standby for when you need it.

3. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

This is a video editing app that allows you to take your video, edit it, add images into the mix and add a musical track over the action too. It is great for altering and editing your videos whilst you are still traveling instead of having to do it when you get home. You can create movies very quickly and it has smart algorithms that make using it a lot easier.

4. CSR Racing

This is a racing game that is free. The great thing about the app, besides it being free, is the face that the game is addictive and a boredom breaker. It means you can break up any boring travels with your family or on your own by playing this exciting racing game and having lots of fun. It runs at 1080p too.

5. Everything Home

This free app let’s you search through your own phone to try and find things. It works by allowing you to type things in or speak them and the system finds them for you on your phone. The system will also look on the Internet too so you have two versions of what is very similar to Google at your disposal when you are looking online.

6. Galaxy S4 Sensors

With this app you may see what is happening around you by using the phone sensors. In the new place, this sort of thing may allow you to see or notice things that you would not have notice before. It may help you find things or notice things about your environment.

7. Nova Launcher Prime

As you are traveling you will probably end up looking at your phone more often than you should. That is why this app is fun because with your free time you may customize your phone with it. There are different icon packs that come with it, you can change its general appearance, and it comes with different gesture controls you can try too.

8. Real Boxing

This is quite a graphically pleasing game that you can play on the road when you are bored. It is a casual gamer’s game which means you can just pick it up and start playing. It is a little funny at time, especially since you have to consider you are watching two sweaty men slap gloves. The game is not cartoony but you can see by the color scheme why some people think that it is a little cartoony.

9. Floating notifications

This is a handy app for traveling because it is simple to use and saves you time. It has notifications pop up for you when you have them. You can choose how they pop up, and when they do you can tap them once to look at them and again to visit whatever it is that you have had the popup about.

10. Netflix

With this app you may see movies. You may have them streamed directly to your device, and you can watch them in 1080p. If you are away from home then you can use the free Internet that you come across in order to watch a movie and it will keep you occupied. Or, if you do not mind the data charges along with the Netflix charges then you can watch movies no matter where you are, on the road or otherwise.

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