EaseUS Disk Copy Technician Review

EaseUS Disk Copy Technician 2.3.1 is a premium disk partition clone solution to ensure data transfer for business purposes and also provide services to clients and unlimited usage. In simple words, Disk copy technician is a disk cloning software that offers a safer solution to PC clone and migration. It uses sector by sector disk/partition clone to make sure a copy 100% identity to original, regardless of your operating system, file systems and partition scheme.

So here we are going to scrutinize the various aspects of EaseUS Disk Copy Technician on different parameters so that you can extract most out of it;


Talking about the user-interface of EaseUS Disk Copy Technician, the software has suitable user-interface for its potential customers considering the complexities of tasks it manages to perform. Though the layout of the software is simple for most of the users, if you are a novice user and have basic disk copying and cloning requirement then you should try EaseUS Disk Copy Home instead of Technician as it will be inexpensive for you and sufficient to serve your basic needs.

Features of EaseUS Disk Copy Technician

1. Easily support hard disks up to 1 TB

To ensure the sufficient size of hard disks support, the Disk copy technician comes with a convenient hard disks support up to 1 TB (Terabyte) that allows its users to utilize the larger size hard disks as well.

2. Create a bootable CD/DVD

It can automatically generate a bootable CD/DVD or USB disk to copy entire disk readily.

3. Relay disk space for the insufficient destination

In case, the space of the destination hard drive is not adequate to restrain the source files, the software can automatically relay the required space from other destination. This feature is quite helpful and can’t be seen on alternative cloning software in the market.

4. Ingenious method to copy or clone hard drives

That’s the USP of the EaseUS Disk Copy Technician as the software provides the unspoiled copy of your disk/partition using sector to sector copy feature. Also, the software uses a safe method to transfer the file so that any sort of ambiguity in the process can be avoided.

Let’s start with Disk Copy Technician

The installation process is standard and can easily be installed by anyone from here. The Disk copy software comes in two different variants; Home edition and a Technician edition. If you are looking for basic use then home edition will be the suitable as well as the affordable option for you.

On the other side, the Technician edition is meant for the enterprise users and for those, who are looking to get most out of this software and is capable of delivering technical service to clients.

Once you have downloaded the software, then you’ll create a bootable USB or CD/DVD and you can also export it as an ISO file for future applications. You need to select the desired method of your choice to create the bootable device.

Then you need to select either of USB, CD/DVD, or the ISO export method > then it will ask you for basic permission to continue i.e ‘ask you to format the device’ and you’ll see the progress along with remaining time for completion. In case you got any errors while the bootable process, you could go with ISO file option and burn it to the USB or CD/DVD.

At last, you need to remove the device and reboot your system. Also, make sure that the boot device settings are same as your bootable device. Once it is done, you are required to start the disk copy wizard. Here you can choose among two options namely; Disk Copy and Partition Copy.

You can download the EaseUS Disk Copy Technician here.

System Requirement

These are the system specs required to run the Disk Copy.

  • x86 Family CPU.
  • 128MB or higher memory.
  • PS/2 or USB mouse.
  • PS/2 or USB keyboard.

Apart from that, Disk Copy can be used to copy data among the following types of devices: IDE HDD, USB HDD, SCSI HDD, SATA HDD, Fire wire (IEEE 1394) HDD, etc.


  • Easy to install and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plenty of imposing features
  • Better than other alternatives in the market


  • Not suitable for novice users
  • For advanced users only


Apart from the required disk copying and cloning tasks, the software is quite capable of fulfilling all your business usage. The software is combined with plenty of useful features and a convenient user-interface that allows you to utilize the software to its maximum capabilities. If you compare the EaseUS Disk Copy Technician with other alternatives in the market then you can definitely feel the difference as Disk Copy does the job in better and efficient manner. Well, you should definitely give this software a try as it will cover all your requirements.

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