Cocospy Review: The Best Cell Phone Tracker You Can’t Miss

As we all know that, the internet has become a significant aspect of our daily lifestyle. Thanks to the advancement of smartphone technology, where we can access all the websites and apps in the most convenient and accessible form without relying on the large screen devices like laptops.

That said, the increased usage of the smartphone has also led to several bad outcomes especially in case of teenagers where we saw the cases of teenagers got into contact with frivolous people.

And these elements makes the parent or guardian worry about their kid’s activity on the smartphone and that’s why spy apps help to overcome those shortcomings.

And one such app is Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker which helps in spying on the call, SMS, web, and app activity on the monitored or targeted device.

So in this review, we are evaluating each and every aspect of this given app so that you can make the optimum utilization of Cocospy.


If we talk about the user-interface of Cocospy, the team behind this app did a great job in designing its web as well as app interface for smooth communication with an end user. Even a novice user with basic internet and computing knowledge can operate this app without any hassle.


Here are the plethora of features that Cocospy, Keylogger for Android helps you to get access to;

Website History: This one is the must-have feature to analyze your child’s activity on the internet. Here you can monitor the browsing history of your kid, and filter them as per your preference.

Call Tracker: It allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored device as long as the recipient doesn’t delete the call history.

WhatsApp Spy: As we all know that WhatsApp has become a compulsive app for day-to-day texting. Here cocospy allows you to keep track of all whatsapp related activities by accessing the inbox.

Instagram Spy: Instagram is second most popular mobile app after Whatsapp. And it is becoming a new way to communicate by exchanging text and pictures on Instagram’s DM platform. So here also cocospy will let you know the Insta activity of the monitored app.

other features include:

  • Geofence Alert
  • SMS and Location Tracking
  • SIM Tracking
  • Viber Spy
  • Facebook Spy

Let’s Start With Cocospy

Here are the steps you need to implement in order to use Cocospy

Step 1: Visit the Cocospy Official site and Sign Up

Step 2: Once you are verified, you will be required to install the app on the monitored device.

Step 3: Now that you have installed the app on the target device, the dashboard of Cocospy will automatically recognize the device. And from the left sidebar, you can navigate the options, and select to view and read messages.

Step 4: Also, you can access social app messages of the monitored device and track the location without any hassle.


  • Easy to setup
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Numerous Spying Features
  • Offers Abundance of Features as compared to other alternatives


  • You need a paid version to access all the features


If you are a parent or guardian and you are looking for an app or software that could help you in keep track of all the smartphone activities of your kid, then Cocospy is an effective app to spy on other devices. Though the app comes with both free and paid versions, you can try the free version to explore the nature and feature element of the app but eventually, you need a premium version to access to all spy features of Cocospy.

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