SkyCap Financial’s Customer Service & Simplified Loan Process Get Thumbs-Up From Clients

The positive reviews are flooding in for SkyCap Financial’s popular online lending service. Hundreds of satisfied customers have posted their experiences on SkyCap Financials’s review page. Those evaluations describe SkyCap Financial’s “awesome customer service” and its “quick and efficient” loan process.

“Very easy to deal with,” one customer said. “I’ve had a few issues with payments and they have been very understanding and helpful in that regard.”

“Being with Skycap has allowed me to better manage my money,” said one client. “It has been a great experience.”

“The service I received was great,” another customer wrote. “I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is in a difficult situation.”

Such reviews are music to the ears of SkyCap Financial’s hard-working team, which strives to offer a better lending experience to all clients, through a fast and easy loan application service. SkyCap Financial’s lending decisions are based on just three factors: credibility, stability and current income. The application process takes less than five minutes, you get a quick decision and you get your money fast.

You can also learn more about the world of finance through SkyCap Financial University, the company’s unique educational program, which helps client improve their financial situations by teaching them the basics of money. This engaging and inspiring course is available to all SkyCap Financial clients, free of charge.

For instance, the section on debt suggests you start by writing down a list of everything you owe, including amounts, minimum monthly payments and interest rates. The list might include mortgages, car loans, credit card balances, lines of credit and student loans.

Then you’ll need a plan to pay off your debts. The types of debt and the amount you owe will affect your strategy. For example, if you rank your debts from the highest interest rate to the lowest, it makes sense to use any extra funds to pay down the debt with the higher interest rate. But that’s only after you’ve made at least the minimum payment on all your debts.

And don’t get too stressed about debt, the course recommends. SkyCap Financial is here to help. The online company also provides debt consolidation loans where you can roll all your loans into one. Once you have completed the SkyCap Financial University course — which also has sections on budgeting and an introduction to credit — and have a perfect payment history, you will be eligible for a reduced interest rate. Founded in 2013 and based in Kingston, Ontario, SkyCap Financial provides alternative financing to Canadians, offering loans of up to $10,000.

It’s clear from client feedback that SkyCap Financial has become one of Canada’s most popular online lenders. That’s due to the hard work of SkyCap Financial’s team as well as the company’s simple philosophy of offering quick and easy short-term loans.

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