Blazer For Men: 3 Classic Looks And Blazer Wearing Etiquette!

“ A man in the blazer look much dapper than the man showing its rippling abs.”

One thing that is quite versatile, comfortable and makes men look dapper is a BLAZER! They are the classic, timeless pieces that can help you pull any look. From casual to the formals to the glitzy pieces, they can make any outfit look classic.

However, buying it is not just about donning any suit or dropping money on something that gets run-out after your gilt-edged functions. In fact, there’s much more that goes into wearing this versatile piece.

Here’s how you can carry a blazer look:  

Blazer With A White T-Shirt And Dark Jeans:

When it comes to the easiest and most relaxed combinations, pairing a blazer with the T-shirt and a pair of jeans will just do the job. You can pick any colored tee to wear underneath the blazer. Go for plain ones for events like drinks, dinners and semi-casual celebrations.

However, a printed one or shirts like Reagan Bush 1984 Shirts would be ideal for the outings with friends. Pair the T-shirt and blazer with the raw jeans and with casual sneakers to look best!

Also, there’s no room for the anti-fit cloths, so make sure your jeans are tight and should end before blazer. Don’t tuck-in the T-shirt; it will not go with the look.

Wearing With A Hoodie, Chinos, And Boots:

Since blazer is less formal as compared to the formal suit-jacket,  they make perfect streetwear. So, pull everything, bring-out your color palette and blend colors.

Neutrals will go perfectly when you are meshing different styles. Make sure you pull a right-fit hoodie, shirt, and chinos. Don’t fall for the fuss, and let the jacket and hoodie open. Complete the look with the boots to bring urban vibe in your look.

With Shirt, Sweatshirt And White Trainers:

Your blazer’s formality is defined by how you will carry it. For weekends, shake off any office look and keep your trousers loose and simple. Let the sweatshirt’s casual look like the supreme sweatshirts echo in your footwear.

While brogues will make your jeans look up the notch, the trainer shoes will shift your chinos from a casual office look to the casual weekend look.

These are the looks that never go out of style! But, if you always want to keep your blazer look high, keep in mind these pointers and you will never have a bad day:

The Last Button Should Be Open:  The last button of the blazer is purely for aesthetic purposes, so keep it open.

Unbutton The Blazer While Sitting: Unless you don’t want to look like a stuffed potato and don’t want to ruin your suit’s look, unbutton the blazer while sitting.

Don’t Go Overboard: While accessories are a great way of adding detail and personality in your outfit. However, on the other hand, they can ruin the overall look. So, keep it subtle and don’t shoehorn every accessory.

Compliment The Suit With A Square: If you have a dark suit, make sure the pocket squares should be of light colores.

Same Color For The Best And Shoes: Another simple rule you should follow while wearing a blazer is matching your shoe and belt color.Brown shoes = brown belt or black shoes = black belt.  Although it’s a personal preference, it’s a perfect way to ensure that your outfit perfectly ties together.

Complimenting The Jacket’s Fabric With The Jeans: Suit jackets that men wear often come in various fabric patterns that don’t go well with the casual jeans.  If you are wearing dark denim, pick the suit jacket in navy, light gray, true blue, flannels, and other small patterns.

Shirt Cuffs: Make sure that there’s at least half an inch of shirt cuff visible from your jacket’s sleeves. Also, make sure that the sleeves of your blazer reach to the wrist bone.

Blazers are quite versatile; just style them in the right way and get going!

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