How to Improve Your Driving Experience

Would you like to have a more enjoyable driving experience? Do you want your time behind the wheel to be more than just getting from Point A to Point B? These days, you can find all sorts of improvements and gadgets that can transform your afternoon commute.

Get a dash cam

Do you ever worry about proving you didn’t cause an accident, protecting yourself from road rage, or just having a way to capture that amazing site you weren’t quick enough to grab with your smartphone camera?

A dash cam can give you real peace of mind. With a dash cam you have some protection against the unexpected (as well as an incentive to drive carefully!)

Window tinting

One of the best ways to get more comfortable on your drive is with some window tinting. Your car won’t heat up so quickly in the sun, and you’ll feel more comfortable on your ride. Not only that, but the tinting will also protect your car’s interior.

Window tinting can also make it harder for thieves to see what’s in your car. This helps protect your personal belongings when you’re parked as well as providing you with some privacy while you drive.

Bluetooth car kit

The newest cars on the road will let you connect your smartphone to their own hands-free systems. This is convenient, but what if you have an older car that won’t sync with your phone?

A Bluetooth car kit gives you a receiver you can plug into your car’s audio jack. You can then use your car’s audio system for playing music, getting turn-by-turn directions, or making phone calls.

Blind spot mirrors

Newer cars have blind spot alert functions that work using light. When a car or other object moves into your blind spot, it blocks this light and triggers the alarm. But what if your car is older? What if you’ve grown used to the function and it breaks?

Blind spot mirrors give you the same sort of function, plus you can actually see what’s in the blind spot. They’re also cheap, so, unlike a fancy light system, they cost almost nothing to fix if they break.

Seat gap drop stop

Are you tired of reaching for the coins in your center console, only to lose your last quarter down the gap between the console and the seat? What about your lipstick, your only working pen, or that open BBQ sauce packet that you’ll now be smelling for a month?

Stop that from happening with this simple but extremely valuable car accessory. The seat gap stop just wedges between the seat and console and gives you assurance that you’ll never lose anything down there again.

Get a heads-up display

If you’ve bought a new luxury car, you might already have a heads-up display. Most of us don’t, however, but you can get and install one yourself. You can find several to choose from that will work with any vehicle.

Stick it on your dashboard and you’ll be able to view your navigation directions without having to look down. These devices also read your texts out for you and let you answer a call just by making a little swiping motion.

Drive smarter with Dash

This little device plugs into your on-board diagnostics port and links up to your smartphone. Once you plug it in, it can do all kinds of things for you. Most crucially, it gives you real-time information about what’s happening on your drive.

It also shows you how “green” you’re driving so you can adjust the way you drive and get the most out of your fuel. The app also decodes those pesky engine warning lights so you know just what’s going on.

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