Best Sports Apps for Sports Fans

The dedicated sports fan never wants to be left out of the loop. So it’s no surprise that there is real demand for the best, latest and most cutting edge sports apps available. Of course, personal choice will depend on which specific sports and teams appeal to each fan. However, the following selection gives an exciting taste of what is available.

  • ESPN Sports Centre

This is perhaps not a surprising selection. ESPN is one of the market leaders in sports coverage and its Sports Centre app lives up to the reputation. In addition to live score updates, this is a veritable treasure trove of information, news and statistics on a variety of sports. It can also be tailored to your chosen team.

  • Team Stream

Looking for something a little more focused? Team Stream has been developed by the excellent Bleacher Report and means that you won’t miss any coverage of your team whatsoever. Pulling content from multiple sources, including newspapers, blogs and social media, this is an impressive aggregator which gives you instant access to news on your team as soon as it happens.

  • At Bat

This is a quite breath-taking app for all baseball fans. It isn’t free, but if you like your Major League action, then it is pretty much indispensable. Quite simply, the app will allow you to live stream all MLB games straight to your mobile. If you miss a game, don’t worry as you can also access highlights too, in addition to all the updated statistics which are crucial for any serious baseball fan!

  • Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a majorly popular aspect of the game for so many NFL fans. This app goes way beyond making sure that fans can manage their roster via mobile. It is also a brilliant in-game companion which updates fantasy league scores in real time as they happen. As a result, you can follow your team and league as the action unfolds, wherever you are.

  • Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

For fans of what the Americans would call “soccer,” this is the ultimate in staying up to date with the action. For a start, goals and developments from each game are updated as they happen. However, the app lets you go so much deeper too. In addition to line-ups and statistics, each match is accompanied by a live text commentary, making you feel like you’re watching the match itself.

  • KYCK

Another app for football (soccer) fans. Essentially, KYCK eliminates the clutter of football news, giving you exactly the kind of news you are looking for. You can easily locate whatever you need to know, from the best football odds to injury news, player updates, etc. KYCK is in many ways football’s cross between Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Nike +

If you’re interested in actually doing some exercise and playing sport rather than just watching others get on with it, this could be the app for you. If you like running, it will track your distance, pace, calories burned and a whole lot more. In the basketball version, the app will measure your hang time, speed, etc. and compare it to other players. A great way to analyse your performance and help monitor your fitness.

  • USGA Rules of Golf

However, if you prefer playing sport at a slower, more genteel pace then check this out. Basically, USGA Rules of Golf does exactly what it says – It is the perfect accompaniment to a game of golf, providing a handy reminder to the rules as you tackle the course.

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