A Few Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Dating

Girls usually pay a thousand times more attention to their first date outfit than men. After trying on everything from their wardrobe, girls start to get nervous and upset and pick the worst dress they have in the end. Guys usually put on the first shirt and jeans they see, and this is their main problem.

Today, there’s no strict dress code for dating, and sometimes, sneakers and a t-shirts look no worse than leather shoes and a tuxedo. To find the right outfit, you need to focus on the format of the date and choose clothes that suit you. Here’s how to figure out what to wear on a date in a park, café, or restaurant.

Follow polo players’ example

Typically, it’s the man, who’s responsible for the first date scenario, so it’s better to choose places where you’ll feel comfortable (this applies both to your mood and dress code). Meet women the best way, learn the steps. You need to know where to meet and keep the experience enjoyable. Learn also how to approach women, the best timing and right words to say is the key. You would need to fit the event too. If you asked a girl out on Saturday, it’s better not to go on a date in a business suit. Sports outfit is also not the best solution, even if you’re planning to have some active rest.

You should look relaxed. For outdoor activities and long walks, you can wear something in the style of polo players: jeans, T-shirts, checkered shirts, linen jackets, coarse wool cardigans, sneakers, or moccasins.

Take inspiration from TV show characters

Looking for the perfect outfit for a café? Check out Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl: black or blue raincoat, jeans, jumper, and shirt would look great.

Creating a look for a restaurant, you can copy Chuck Bass from the same series. A suit with a tie, a neck scarf in the tone of a shirt, cufflinks, and leather shoes will make an even better impression than your stories about you conquering the Mount Everest or going on a safari with wild African tribes.

Be less extravagant

On the first date, it’s better not to try to look too extravagant. A red jacket and a shirt with pink mumps are more likely to scare your companion off than demonstrate your rich inner world, especially if you met on a dating site.

Let colored socks, a cockatoo-shaped tie pin, or a cheerful smartphone cover be the boldest elements in your image. It is better to choose black, dark blue, brown, gray, white, and beige clothes.

Your shirt must be well-ironed, and your shoes shouldn’t look as if won a cross-country marathon ten minutes ago.

How to pick a first date outfit: the main tips

– If you go on a date on the weekend, it’s better not to come in a business suit. Sports outfit is also not the best solution.

– Jeans, t-shirts, checkered shirts, linen jackets, coarse wool cardigans, sneakers, or moccasins are the best choice for outdoor activities and walks.

– Going to a restaurant, put on a suit with a tie, a butterfly or a neck scarf in the tone of the shirt, cufflinks, and leather shoes.

– Don’t try to look too extravagant. You’re unlikely to impress your companion with an unusual outfit.

– Pay attention to how your clothes look. Everything should be ironed and fresh.

There’s no perfect style

Many guys think that after reading a couple of articles about style, they’ll immediately understand how to attract girls. This is partly true, but you shouldn’t expect miracles. If you already have your own style, you don’t need to change it for the sake of one evening. Your clothes are part of your image, and if you like jeans, then put them on.

Some try to change their style right before the date and fail. After reading in some magazine that a sweater and ragged jeans are the hottest look today, a guy, who loves classics, may give it up for this fashionable combination. But who said that girls love such a combination? We all have our own tastes. Someone likes blue, and someone loves green.

A style that always works simply doesn’t exist. You should always look for your own style and follow it. After all, the most important rule on the date is ‘do what you want, and do it as you like.’
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