5 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Chinchilla a Happy and Healthy Pet

People love having pets! But they don’t like taking care of them well! They feel buying foods for the pets and keeping them chained at the house is already enough for the animals and they don’t need anything else. But these creatures are always a man’s best friend and they provide us with unconditional love, no matter how good or bad our days are! That is why we must also be careful towards them and keep track of their every requirement as much as we can.

If you are intending to have a chinchilla as your pet any time soon or if you already have one, these following few easy hacks might help you keep them happy and healthy. Read on

  • Take care of their diet and feeding– Normally chinchillas do not have tantrums regarding their diet habit but they need balanced and well nutritious diet planning to stay healthy and fit. You must include high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables, timothy hay, clean and chlorine free water, etc. You should remember that they must only be fed with fresh stock of food and water as it is verily needed to keep them healthy. Do not try feeding them with chocolates, caffeine or other such beverages.
  • Take care of their housing– chinchillas are mostly happy in their own cages built inside the house. The Best Chinchilla cages have features like wide space, bedding that must be made of high-quality paper or crumbled paper and not of cedar-based products, multi-tiered bedding, other species, built in household temperature and be stuffed with food and water. Limited space must not be their housing anyway!
  • Follow their normal behavior and adjust with them likewise– normally chinchillas are nocturnal animals and they like to play or keep awake during the night time and sleep during the day. They are of cuddling nature and like to chew objects near them. Thus, you must be well acquitted with their normal behavior and keep pace with them like that to maintain their sound health conditions and keep them happy.  
  • Take care of their grooming and hygiene– if you owned a chinchilla before you must know that they need dust baths very often, like twice a week! Their fur is brushed and they hate being wet. This kind of grooming is necessary for keeping your pet healthy. Also, check for their long teeth, yellowing of teeth, uncleaned teeth conditions from time to time and take them to the pet care centers for regular grooming and hygiene sessions.
  • Take care of their health– chinchillas are mostly active animals, they have their meals regularly and sleep timely. You can consider their activeness as a positive sign of their good health. But if you notice them to be suffering weight loss, abnormal diet and sleep conditions, lethargic, discharges from eyes or mouth and any other such conditions, take them to a veterinarian immediately. You must also take them for regular veterinarian visits even if they seem fine as there might be an underlying condition that we won’t be able to recognize easily.

The closure

It’s easy to own a pet but it’s difficult to be careful towards them! You ought to be cautious about their mental and physical wellbeing as you do for your fellow human acquaintances. They are not able to speak to us but they shower us with unconditional love and thus, it is our responsibility to look after them and keep them happy and healthy as per our reaches. These above tips are helpful in taking care of chinchilla as a pet!

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