Trending Watches Styles for Men: A Complete Men’s Watch Guide for 2019

Are you looking to be a serious watch wearer? Whether you are or you’re not, knowing very little about the timepiece around your wrist is normal. Even then, knowing something about your watch can help your fashion for sure.

Starting a watch collection is not every man’s goal. Even then, having the right watches style for all occasions is essential. For the discerning man, you need to have the right piece with you.

Aiming to be on the cusp of male fashion? You need the most trending watches styles that can guide your looks.

In this men’s watch guide, we’ll teach you what are the current trends in the watch industry. We’ll give you as much essential info as we can to help you decide what watch you need now.

Come take a look:

1. Retro Is Back In the Best Men’s Watches

One thing we need to remember is that the watch industry is a different beast from regular fashion. Unlike the fickle nature of fashion, the men’s watch industry has some pillars that they tend to stand on for years. One of those is the retro look.

Retro looks from the ’40s to ’70s are here to stay. You’ll see in any men’s watch guide that many reimagined styles from the golden age of watches show up again today.  

Recreations are targeting older customers who love the robust old style wrist watches. There’s also the younger generation of enthusiasts who love to have some of the vintage stylings.

Some of the best men’s watches are using their more original styles to cater to modern needs. For one, Bulova revived their 1972 Oceanographer for their new diver watches.

Tag Heuer remade their ‘50s Autavia model with a new movement. This comes together with a new Nanograph composite carbon hairspring.

If you’re looking for something collectible to add to the types of watches you own, Patek Philippe reimagined their 1955-model Calatrava for their luxury watch line.

There’s also the kinetic watch of the Seiko line. This allows for longer lifespans with your watches style.

2. Timepieces More Than Timekeeping

In this day and age, finding a men’s watch guide that still cares about timekeeping is rare. The truth is, nobody needs a watch these days for checking what time it is. Most manufacturers understand this as well.

This paradigm shift is pushing the watch industry. They decide to go around the basic functions of keeping time. The shift is dictating a momentous advancement in current designs.

For the best men’s watches, the idea is simple: find a way to make successful and affluent men look away from their phones.

Brands execute this with avant-garde designs with beautiful executions. They continue to try new sustainable materials that can sustain their timepieces.

Brands tend to try upcycling materials for their straps. They are reinforcing their bezels while going eco on the straps. These help not only with cost but sustainability as well.

Manufacturers are trying to add useful but beautiful functionalities to their watch products. These can be anything from Luminox Master Carbon Seal’s high carbon case to Rado’s Hyperchrome with Zirconium oxide construction.

3. More Colors for More Occasions

Color tones have become more common in different watch trends. Case colors like rose gold are becoming more and more of a preference for customers. More manufacturers are also focusing on more calm, soothing colors.

Dials such as blue and green are starting to dominate the landscape. One of the most prominent examples of this is Audemars Piguet AP Royal Oak Chronograph. The beautiful watches style bears an ornate Grand Tapisserie in blue.

For something as stylish, there’s Breguet’s Marine Chronographe 5527. This chronograph is using a choice between titanium, white gold or rose gold color. This uptick in preference for warm colors is something to watch out for.

Why is there such a shift in the color preference?

Watch wearers are trying to get away with their timepieces as fashion statements. People don’t stay within the original bounds of their types of watches, but rather use them to go out.

Having a watch that looks good in the conference room as well as the local beachside Cabana should become a norm. People don’t have precious time to swap around their watches style. More and more people are starting to want watches that may transcend the well-known types of watches we use.

4. They’re Not Afraid of the Smartwatches

If there’s anything that the watch industry is confident about, it’s that smartwatches are not a threat. There’s a growing interest in mechanical and other types of watches. The fanbase is having a positive uptick.

With the advent of cheaper health watches, people are starting to pick up on the craftsmanship in high-quality watches. There are also men’s watch guide sites that are making mechanical watches more accessible. In total, the three types of watches are:

  • mechanical watches
  • smartwatches
  • quartz watches

Enthusiasts of all three co-exist and may even overlap. Even then, they tend to have clear enough distinctions from each other. Smartwatch lovers will not buy mechanical watches and vice versa.

While the industry understands that smartwatches may take away a bit from the lower end market, it stops there. Mechanical watches have their own fanbase, and it is going to thrive.

Understanding Trends In Watches Styles

When it comes to trending watches styles for men, the watch industry is doing its best to move away from the traditional without forgetting their roots.

With new styles and revivals of old models, it’s sure to bring in a new breed of enthusiasts. With the types of watches becoming more accessible, we’re bound to see a more modern approach.

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